Your anxiety is killing your life.

Are you anxious? Because your anxiety is killing your life.

Maybe you don’t know that most of us have anxiety. A few days ago, I saw my friends discussing their own anxiety, suddenly have some weird feeling. Even for me, I also have anxiety. I do not know when I started to set limits to myself, consider too many things without giving myself a breather, imagine a lot of very bad situations, and put myself in it.

I will often have a feeling that with the growth of age, I will also feel that I am not young enough, but in fact, my youth is still most of my life, as if my own body live in an old soul, boring and mediocre, and to be honest, I think this negative emotion is coming from myself. So most people’s anxiety is still because of the pressure of the outside world, have a house? Have a car?

No matter what age we are at, we have anxiety, and some people even turn their anxiety into anxiety disorders, and a lot of tasks were delays because of anxiety.

Because of anxiety, we may be irritable, inpatient with many things, and this will seriously affect our work and life, making our life and work unpleasant, resulting in a vicious circle, which will greatly reduce our work efficiency, resulting in less than half the effect. 



During anxiety period, we will be nervous, fantasize too much about some serious consequences, and give ourselves a very poor sense of inner experience.

Some anxiety can even affect people’s physical health, will induce more diseases.

In fact, most of the time is because we think too much, we like to complicate all the problems, most of the time we just lost to the imagination.

People sometimes will feel confused about the unknown fate, sometimes think about life, find themselves troubled by a pile of trivia, suddenly feel that life is all in the mood, no expectations, no future. 

Life has never limited us, some people more and more attracted by life diversity, began to enjoy life brought to them, the good and the bad. Some people find the gap between life and the ideal, depressed, never feel happy.

Life itself is not wrong, we are the one who is wrong. Lost the original intention of treating life. When you were a child, do not know what life is, seeing a beautiful flower will feel happy. But after growing up, want more and more, and then never feel happy.

A lot of times you don’t have to feel so anxious because no matter how anxious you are about tomorrow, tomorrow will still come, those unknowns will never diminish, all you have to do is to do the best you can, and then enjoy your life. Life is full of accidents, maybe it is in the next second. When the next second really comes, you will regret your life is boring, full of regret. 

There are tons of fun in life, hope that we can experience it, don’t be rigid, don’t suppress, every day will be born a new beauty.