Your 99% of your feelings are misinformation

Do you let your feelings control you or you control yourself with your own actions?

Have you ever noticed that many people do things depends on their feeling?

For example, I am in a bad mood today, I don’t have any idea to write, so I stop writing, but it is not my fault, is my feeling having an issue, and so I feel better, I will do better.

For example, my colleague, often does things based on his feelings, feels good today, then starts to work hard, carefully checks his work, but when he doesn’t feel good, began to slack, and submit tasks sloppily.

For example, a couple, the girl suddenly feels that the boy doesn’t love her, began to quarrel with small things, suddenly feels that she loves him very much, and the boy also loves her and began to immerse herself in endless happiness.

In this sense of cognitive impairment, we deviate from the facts, we are not guided by the facts of objective existence, more on what feeling this thing gives me is confusing the judgment of this matter.

Therefore, it is not difficult to see that the life that is manipulated by feeling is not easy, it is also difficult to feel happiness.

People who make choices or decisions by feeling are very immature.

Why feeling can easily manipulate our lives?

Once, I went to a colleague’s house, her daughter is playing with toys on the coffee table, the little girl accidentally knocks the plate and fell on the ground, the moment the little girl was scared, seeing the ground broken plate, the little girl started to cry.

Who would have thought that my colleague actually scolded her daughter, and asked the little girl not to cry again, she said when she heard her child crying, she felt very annoying.

Perhaps, because of work pressure, after work needs to take care of children feel very tired, affected the mood, when children did something wrong, and start to treat their children with their bad feeling.

And this child, because the parents reprimanded the child with feelings, she did not know what she did wrong, because when their mother is in a good mood, the child broke something, they were scared, but the mother’s first reaction is to hold the child and comfort her, but such an action completely hinders the child’s judgment, the child is not clear what to do.

Later, this little girl started to cry whenever she is unhappy, my colleague can only scold her, the child in bad mood, unconsciously rejected by parents, not allowed by parents, naturally difficult to face emotions, might even don’t know how to face the feeling.

So, the feeling is very important to most of us, it’s all about ourselves, we never really think about why it affects us.

The feeling is to remind us to pay attention to it, to understand it and then be able to really deal with it, rather than choosing to avoid the problem

There is always something valuable behind feelings. It’s like a coin has its opposite side, it’s important for you to know how to think.

We are used to using feeling to escape from things, on the other hand, a false feeling, a person for a long time do the same thing, he actually felt that many years later he will become a rich person. This is an illusion of feeling.

A person’s actions depend on what kind of life he wants to live, this is the key but also objective and established facts.

Feelings are used to escape their own failures, feelings are used to escape the trouble of dealing with emotional relationships, and feelings are used to deal with the prejudgment of things.

Feelings are not made up out of thin air, each person has a variety of feelings, this feeling can be found in addition to our previous trajectory, but also can be used for how we think about this feeling to improve our behavior, change ourselves.

Thinking about feelings is a reminder that we pay attention to a part of it and then actively improve it.

For example, when our good friend suddenly stops talking to us, our first reaction is certainly think all kinds of reasons for all kinds of speculation.

However, these reasons are fake, but you have to think about why this thing, why do you feel this way, use this feeling to push out the two there are some practical problems between the two.

It is obvious that such a thing, we must know how to ask, not judge by feeling or define the others, but to talk about the actual situation.

Any feeling is not an excuse, 90% of the information deal with feelings is wrong, I have also been upset because of feeling misjudgment, also because of the feeling of a certain what kind of thoughts on me and worry, but also because of the feeling of a certain kind of person, how I do the assessment.

When my cognition is judged by perception, the real world will be farther and farther away from me, and you will live much more than you actually do to see the results.