You won’t be able to be prepared for everything in life

A friend of mine recently wants to change jobs, saw a lot of recruitment information, some positions she is interested in, but also feel that the job requirements and her own conditions do not fully match, hesitated for a long time, and in the end, she didn’t send in her resume.

In this way, “interested, hesitated, not dare to send” the cycle, one week, two weeks, three weeks had passed, those positions that attracted her attention slowly disappeared from the recruitment site.

Seeing her choices become fewer and lesser, she began to worry and regret: if only I had sent in my resume in the first place.

I asked her, “why didn’t you try it in the first place?”

She said: “I want to be completely prepared before I send so that I have a better chance.”

Her consideration sounded reasonable, but she forgot that: Nothing in this world can be fully prepared for, we are being prepared while growing up.


No one’s going to wait for you.

Jay came from a poor family, he tried his best to become a lieutenant. He fell in love with a girl, Daisy, when he was young, but because of their different family background, he does not dare to confess.

Jay thought: I don’t deserve her now, but I’ll try to be rich, and I will be a good candidate for Daisy then.

Jay hid his love in his heart, and after leaving the army he started from scratch, accumulating wealth step by step, and finally became a rich man who could deserve to be with Daisy.

He went to Daisy with joy, only to find that she had already married a rich but rude man, and that the man had a mistress, and that Daisy was nothing but love on the face.

Jay did become rich as he wished, and became able to match his goddess, but so what, he lost the chance to spend his life with his beloved woman and even died as a result.

The story is actually a sketch of the book “The Great Gatsby.”

Although the story is fictitious, the principle is real.

No one will wait for you in one place, no matter how much love, no matter how much they miss you, time will not allow everyone to act according to their own expectations, and also live to what they imagined.


Prepared or not is not so important.

A few days ago, the company’s finance department promoted a young man who just six months in the job, to be the finance manager.

Before the promotion was announced, the company was interested in internal competition, JJ and that man are competitive candidates, but JJ’s advantage is more obvious.

JJ has a financial science background, experienced, he has all the required certificate, he also did great in the competition meeting performance.

So when the results were announced, a lot of people were startled.

After a while, because the general manager needs a financial manager, not a person who good at everything, but need someone who is dynamic and dare to think, and that man just shows extraordinary enthusiasm and ideas for the financial manager position.

It can be seen that what we think we are prepared or unprepared, may not have any meaning when facing the opportunity.

Just as there are no two identical leaves in the world, there is no exactly the same opportunity in the world, when facing the only and unique opportunity, no one is fully prepared, what’s left are the efforts to fight for it.

The so-called preparation is just the limit we presume to set ourselves.

If we keep using this limit to restrain ourselves and do everything until we are prepared to do it, we will lose beyond imagination:

Not prepared to go after the girl you like. When you are prepared, the girl may already be someone else’s wife.

Not prepared to fight for a tempting position. When you have prepared everything, that position may have been taken by someone else.

Life does not leave people too much time to prepare, sometimes, try it with ‘boldness’, you might reap some surprises.