You will not be happy if you too worried about tomorrow

We can’t predict what will happen tomorrow, and it is not wise to too worried about tomorrow.

A person who always worried about tomorrow will miss out every day.

In a village, there lived a rich man. He owned a lot of properties, and his parents left a lot of property for him, but the villagers call him stingy. He will get unhappy when he had to spend even a small amount of money.

What he thinks about at night is: How to make a fortune so that his future generations can enjoy it in comfort.

One day, a monk came into the village.

Within days, the news about the monk was able to fulfill everyone’s wishes had spread across the village.

As the rich man heard the news, he was getting excited. He thought that the greatest wish of his life would soon come true. He immediately finds the monk and said what he wanted. The monk was so kind that he sat down beside the rich man and asked him about the situation in his home.


When the monk heard his story, he understood and felt that the rich man should be educated so that he would really understand the meaning of being a human.

The monk smiled and said, “Your wish will come true, but there is one condition.”

The rich man first startled and immediately thought: Is this monk asking me to give him money? So he was emboldened and asked, “What are the conditions?” Please let me know, I’ll do it. ”

When the monk saw the rich man say so, he said to him, “there is a poor man living next to you, only a mother and a daughter, tomorrow you will donate them a little grain.”

When he heard about donating, the rich man becomes unhappy, but then when he thinks of his wish and said: “It’s just a few grains, this is not that difficult for me.”

Early the next morning, he came to his neighbor with the grain. The poor mother and daughter were busy doing their own work, and no one noticed him coming in. The rich man said, “Please take this grain so that you will have something to eat today.”

The mother said: “We have food for today, we don’t need it, please take it back.”

“Hey, there is tomorrow, you can eat it tomorrow.”

“We’re not worried about tomorrow. There is always a way out, God won’t let us starve to death!” then bury themselves in their work after saying this.

After listening to the mother, the rich man was first astonished, and then he seemed to understand something from it. He thought: how happy this poor family is, they are not worried about tomorrow. But I, keep worrying about my great-grandson’s great-grandson!

The rich man did not return home, and he came directly from the poor home to the monk’s residence. He saluted the monk and said, “Thank you! It is you who have given me the key to happiness. Seriously, in this world, people who are too worried about tomorrow will never find happiness.”

Some people are always worried about the unknown tomorrow, so they can’t even spend the day happy. For tomorrow’s worries, in addition to unprovoked difficulties to today’s life, add a little heavier for today’s mind, there is no benefit.

Don’t worry about tomorrow, as the saying goes: “We don’t know what will happen today, why fret about tomorrow?”

“The one who is always worried about tomorrow will never find happiness.”