You should not do things exceed your limits.

Do you know how tall a tree can grow up to? Scientists say that no matter how strong a tree is, it can only grow up to 122 meters to 130 meters, not because the ground can’t support it, but it can’t support itself.

At the limit of 130 meters, another 1 meter higher, even a few centimeters, it may crush itself and collapse.

In fact, in life, study, work, goals are also the same. Work hard, but you must not exceed your limit. In particular, do not use others’ height as your own goals, otherwise, you will only hurt yourself.

Olympic Games’ motto is always “faster, higher, stronger”, but I think it is contrary to human nature. People’s physiological function is limited, moderate exercise is beneficial to health, challenge the limit will harm health.

In fact, many athletes suffer from after-effects after they retire. They do not experience the joy of sports, participate in the competition is just to compete for the first place, even if get the honor and prize money, it is not worth the loss.

I remembered I saw on news about a student who died when he went for wingsuiting.

As we all know, wingsuiting is extremely dangerous and difficult, it is one of the world’s craziest sport. 

Those who love wingsuiting mostly enjoy on the verge of death, and that’s fear. This pleasure is similar to morphine or painkillers, and the greater the risk, the greater the thrill.

Challenging the limits is really exciting, but is it worth the price of your life? Maybe people have aspirations, everyone has the freedom to choose, but I really hope that the fewer people who take risks with their life, the better.

That man had been trained in systematic wingsuit flying oversea, has hundreds of experience in wingsuit flying and skydiving, but still couldn’t save himself. If he was given another chance to choose, I believe he will never take another risk.

We can work overtime, but we can’t stay up late; Everything should be done right, not in pursuit of stimulation or short-term benefits, to do things beyond our ability.

Life is short, be kind to yourself!