You must work hard, but don’t rush

Do you have a dream? Do you have your own life plan? Have you achieved your life ideals and plans?

If not, are you in a hurry?

Let’s look at a few short stories first:

Buffett Investment Story

One morning in 2000, Amazon CEO called Buffett and asked Buffett, “Your investment system is so simple, why are you one of the richest people in the world, and isn’t everyone is doing the same thing as you?”

Buffett replied, “Because no one wants to get rich slowly.”

What does this story mean?

Buffett, one of the world’s richest man, had only billions of dollars in assets at the age of 49, and in previous years he had suffered from an economic crisis, and 96% of his current wealth was owned after the age of 60.

You see, even when he was young, he was nobody, and today’s achievements are accumulated step by step.


Life is a multiple choices questions, you either choose to work hard to succeed, or choose mediocrity. We must work hard, don’t set limits on ourselves, and strive to meet better self.

But we must not rush, must have a sense of rhythm.

Nowadays, everyone is too eager to succeed as fast as possible, so a large number of inspirational stories came into being.

During my study time, the smartest guy in the class who can get 1st place in class often is not the most hardworking one, they even have a relatively rich hobby.

But who is the most hardworking in the class? Other than going to the toilet, I never see her lift her butt off the seat, but her results are always mediocre, she even failed the final exam. Can you say she didn’t study hard?

Therefore, the conclusion that “study hard” is tantamount to “can become better” is simply untenable.

Those who are really successful often do not feel how hard they work hard, or that the person who really insists on doing one thing depends on habit, which is a gentle effort that is not perceived, rather than external or internal conscious motivation.

Psychologists have found that positive feedback is not a long-term effective way, because it is easy to produce dependencies, once the source of stimulation disappears, the specific environment disappears, people will return to the original point.

In other words, self-motivation is effective in the process of temporarily crossing the uncomfortable zone, but it is definitely not a long-term strategy.

Motivation is like morphine, which can help you get through the temporary difficulties on the operation table, but you can’t immerse yourself in painless for the rest of your life.

The greatest enemy that prevents you from succeeding is often not because you don’t work hard.

If you read until this paragraph, I believe a lot of times, on the contrary, you are too anxious, you have added countless inner plays to yourself, tangled, frustrated, hyperactive, dispirited …

So the internal consumption has made you very tired.


The effort should not be something that needs to be perceived from time to time, persistence should not be the fact of being spoken, and the person who can really go far enough is definitely not the ruthless you think, nor the initial passion, because willpower is the mental energy that will run out in the short term, and it is usually just the interest that will keep you going for a long time.

People who run should know about this.

If a person has never had the habit of running and wants to go for a marathon, he won’t be able to go far.

But if he starts from 1000 meters, continue to increase the number, keep running for half a year, his endurance will be greatly improved.

Life is also like a marathon, in the end, it still depends on the strength of endurance.

The true meaning of life is in the process of calmness. If you slow down, maybe you can see what other people can’t see and hear what others can’t hear. Don’t try to squeeze into the world that you can’t squeeze in, you don’t need to stare at the footsteps of others and lose your own rhythm.

It is a pity that too many people overestimate their willpower and lose the elegance of life.

In fact, 99% of people will have anxiety, but everyone copes with anxiety in different ways.

Some people once anxious, they will delay their tasks, the more tasks they delayed, the harder they can start, the harder they can start, they become more anxious;

Some people once anxious, they began to lose their temper, the people around them jittery, living on thin ice.

And some people once anxious, they began to abandon themselves, addicted to games, overeating, infatuated with the internet and so on.

Anxiety can make it harder for us to make decisions when we are bothered by problems.

Anxiety can lead to excessive thinking about everything, and thus fall into a vicious cycle of “thinking too much”-“become more anxious.”

So how can we jump out of such a vicious circle?

In this regard, the following three points were made:


Find the root cause of anxiety

Henry James’s novel “The Beast in the Jungle”, which is about a man who has always had a hunch that he would be attacked by a terrible incident as if he had been confronted by the beast in the jungle.

As a result, he fell into fear and anxiety, and his life was completely destroyed.

At the end of the story, the man suddenly wakes up: The beast in the illusion is not from the jungle, but from the sad fate of his negative waiting.

It was only after he found the cause that really made him anxious that he finally got back to his normal life.

In fact, in life, we are the same as the protagonist in the story. When you feel anxious, only by finding the real source and take action to solve it.

In fact, the source of a lot of anxiety comes from our dissatisfaction, without the ability, strong self-confidence, self-mediation ability, and lost what we really want.

Set yourself a short-term goal

When you find the source of your anxiety, don’t rush, don’t try to reach the sky in a single bound.

Don’t go too far to do things you can’t reach for a while, you should break down your long-term goals and set an easier short-term goal.

Do what is within the scope of your ability can effectively reduce the sense of anxiety, gradual accumulation in order to allow yourself to grow more lasting.

Give yourself enough patience.

We are often not satisfied with the status quo, once found that others are better than us, our competitive mindset immediately aroused.

Most people started to work hard, but not able to persist, and eventually become “The greatest talkers are the least doers”, so we become more and more anxious.

The world is too edgy, and many people are eager to become famous overnight and rich overnight, but such luck is not for everyone.

On the road of pursuing success, we should give ourselves enough patience, do not always complain about not getting a promotion and increase in pay, you need to see whether your efforts are worth better.

There are always people who are more capable than you, and they are working harder than you.

Back to the beginning, I mentioned about Buffett’s story, and he only started earning money after he was 60 years old. So do the right thing, stick to it long enough, time will certainly give us generous feedback.

Let’s not be too anxious, and maintain a rhythmic rhythm.

Life, love, dreams, you must work hard, but do not give up, do not rush, there are much more important things in life than pursuing, take every step of the process, all the good results will come as expected.

I believe that as long as we do not rush, never give up, eventually, we will be successful in our own field.

You must work hard because the effort is to the realization of personal value will also make oneself feel satisfied, but do not worry, only through the time of the hammering, the precipitation efforts will be more brilliant dazzling.