You can be a better self if you understand these.

You have just graduated and started working, and complaining all day.

You complain about the hard and tired work, stealing your time from you, stealing your experience from you, and stealing the dreams in your the heart that you once believed.

You at school looks lost all day.

You’re looking forward to the future, but can’t put down the phone and indulge in all sorts of stuff in games, variety shows, TV shows, and entertainment.

Each of us had a desire to be better, but most people didn’t know how to change.

In this life, although you are not willing, also helpless.

It’s because you haven’t found the most important thing for yourself.

Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams International Real Estate, the nation’s second-largest company, agrees.

In his book “The One Thing”, he details how we should find the most important thing for us.

This book mention lies in everyday social life that prevents us from becoming a better self.


Everything is important

We are in the age of information. We are looking at a variety of news and short videos created, but don’t know which are the real information. 

We have too many complicated information around us, and there are too many things that are interfering us from becoming a better self.

We usually think that to get better we need to do everything right.

Therefore, it is a good choice to make a list.

It helps us plan for the future and gives us direction.

As a result, some people write down everything they have to do, which is called a “to-do list”.

But many people are trapped in the list, our bodies and minds are controlled by the list, and we force ourselves to do everything in the order written above.

We must not forget that the top of the list is not necessarily the most important thing to do.

It may just be the first thing you think of.

Most of the things on the To-Do list can only help you cope with the day, and it doesn’t mean much to you who want to be great.

Richard Coker concludes in the Law of 80/20: “The 80/20 Law argues that a small amount of cause, input, and pay often produces a large number of results, outputs, and returns.”

Effective efforts will pay off effectively.

What we need to do is a “success list” that says not what you can do, but what you should do.

If you put a list of things that go down the line, the most important things are easy to ignore.

To be a better self, you just need to do the right thing, not do everything right.

It is efficient to deal with many things at the same time

Today, people treat doing many things at the same time as a sign of efficiency. A lot of people think we should be doing this, even going to a video to learn how to master it.

But in fact, take into account too many things at the same time is just a beautiful lie.

A Professor at Stanford University conducted an experiment in which 263 questionnaires were distributed. It was supposed that people who often deal with multiple transactions at the same time were more productive.

It turns out that they look like they can do everything, like fish in water, but everything doesn’t do very well.

The reason for this perception is probably because people misunderstand “do two things at once” and “focus on two things”.

People’s misconceptions stem from certain of our physical functions, which do not require conscious control or can be run at the same time.

As a result, some people mistakenly think they can focus on two things.

In 2010, New York Times reporter Matt Richtel won the Pulitzer Prize. He found that distracted driving can directly lead to 16 percent of traffic deaths and 500,000 traffic injuries a year.

Any phone call can reduce your attention by 40%, and the effect is equal to drink driving.

I guess when the doctor is doing the surgery on you, you must want him to focus on it and not be distracted by anything else.

“We always expect professionals to be skilled and responsible, but we lower standards when we ask for ourselves.


Limited Willpower

People are eager to be a fully self-disciplined person, whether to be successful or not, willpower is the key.

Conscious self-discipline means that you have a fixed training direction, training time long enough will become a rational law, that is, habits.

To make yourself better, you don’t have to be self-disciplined in every way, you just pick the most useful thing, stick to it and make it a habit.

And all these actions, are inseparable from the role of willpower.

However, willpower is not always available, nor is it inexhaustible.

Any choice of the day consumes willpower, but few people plan their willpower.

Cultivating new habits, resisting temptation, trying to attract the attention of others, suppressing emotions, overcoming fear, preventing impulses, and so on, will consume our willpower.

Willpower is exhausted as we make decisions, concentrate, suppress emotions and impulses, and pursue habit-changing.

Finally, we should remember that the phenomenon of giving and harvesting is not equal everywhere.

At the same time, don’t assume that everything needs to be done, and don’t believe the idea that “to succeed you have to accomplish all your goals.”

To be a better self, you just need to do the right thing, not do everything right.