What can you do at 25 to benefit after 5 years?

Seeing this question online, I decided to write my own answer, but of course, this is not just about being 25, it can be younger, or older.

Don’t deny yourself at the present, you are good enough now, you will be better in the future. We will believe that we will be better in the future, but only if you do something to change yourself.

What can we do now to benefit in five years’ time?

Learn a skill

We called people with multiple skills “multi-talent people.” Multi-talent can be said to be the result of social progress, living under complex environmental factors help us learn more skills, so as to find our place in society.

And in the current day and society, if you still carry thinking like: “Just do one is enough, no need to learn other things”, you will be eliminated.

The era is advancing, and we must follow. Take your time off work every day to learn a skill, this skill can be learning new languages, PPT, excel, photography, illustration, painting, etc.

Whatever you do, at least get yourself to act first, then only talk about what good it can do for you, this is also a way to invest yourself.

Mentally, it can make your life more fulfilling, and once you experienced the sense of fulfillment you get through your efforts, you will like the feeling of working hard. From the economic point of view, it can indirectly increase your income, such as you like reading, that you can help others write and dismantle manuscripts to earn some manuscript fees, if you have certain management skills, you can build a personal Facebook page, Youtube account and so on.

Get into the habit of reading

What is the difference between people who read and doesn’t reading?

I think the biggest difference is: the pattern of thinking.

You read a lot of books although you forgot most of them, but you still stick to it, I think, after a long time, your temperament, your appearance will deeply be affected by the matter of reading.

If you start reading and feel sleepy or don’t know what books to choose to read, you can start from the best-selling books, such books are easier to understand, develop the reading habits and then try books that difficult to understand. In the early reading, focus on the cultivation of reading habits, and after habits formed, then consider to nibble some difficult books

Will reading, go to bed early, learn a skill benefits you after 5 years?


Jump out of the comfort zone

Jumping out of your comfort zone is not about asking you to resign blindly, but to seek a better development zone under the conditions of doing your job.

Don’t always stay in a position, although you will be very comfortable, but it is difficult to have great progress, after a long time you will lose the center of gravity of life, can not find a sense of enrichment. Enlarge your goals a little more within your reach, don’t let yourself be lazy while achieving them, simply keep your learning ability at all times.

Focus on health and accompany your family

The body is the capital of the revolution, if work hard at the expense of health, in the end, you will find that you lost time and waste your health.

You should not wait when you old only focus on maintaining your health, but should aware of this problem at a young age.

Some people may say that sometimes life forces them to sacrifice health, but there must be a choice, you can not have it both ways, what we have to do is to make the two reach a relative balance between the two, can not let one of them imbalance.

Don’t use the rest time to stay up late, go to bed early, eat less fried food, eat more fruits, vegetables, go outdoor exercise 2-3 times a week, the body is the capital of the revolution, with health, the “0” behind “1” make sense.