Why do you still feel tired after sleep?

Probably for most working adults, to be able to wake up naturally is the biggest luxury, many people around also feel that not sleep enough every day, and sometimes after sleep, still feel tired.

Are you also troubled by the following sleep problems?

  1. You know you should go to bed early, but at night you can’t control yourself and sleep late.
  2. If there is an important thing to do the next day, toss and turn in bed, afraid not able to wake up in time the next day.
  3. It’s hard to get up and get up every morning is super painful.

We all know that sleep is very important, related to a person’s physical health, work time, time management, and even work efficiency.

Here’s some scientific and simple way to sleep, and solves a series of questions above.

Efficient sleep with R90 sleep method

We often hear elders said: “Be sure to sleep enough for eight hours a day.”

But for working adults, this is simply impossible! Sometimes after reaching home from work at 9.00 pm, pack up, play with your cell phone until 00:00 a.m., and work during the day and get excited at night, and it’s good to be asleep. The next day get up to work again at 6:30, week after week.

At most, you sleep for six or seven hours a day.

At this time some people will have pressure in mind, will I have health issue if I’m not enough sleep every day?

The famous book “SLEEP: Redefine Your Rest, for Success in Work, Sport and Life” gives us the answer: in fact, sleep duration is not the most important, we should use the sleep cycle, not the length of time to measure our sleep.

What is the sleep cycle? There is a well-known R90 sleep method, which means that our sleep consists of 4-5 different sleep stages, a sleep cycle of about 90 minutes, or 1.5 hours. The entire cycle process is divided into four phases.

Stage 1: Non-eye-movement sleep – similar to when we usually doze off.

Stage 2: 2nd-stage of non-eye-movement sleep – belongs to the shallow sleep, this time very easy to be woken up.

Stage 3: eye movement sleep – deep sleep, not easy to wake up, need to move the body to wake up.

Stage 4: Fast eye movement sleep – this stage will dream.

These four stages are a cycle, and at the end of a sleep cycle, we cycle back from the first stage to the fourth stage until we wake up.

For most people, getting 35 sleep cycles a week is ideal, with an average of five sleep cycles a day.

As you can see, you don’t have to care much about the sleep duration in an individual day, but from the dimension of the week, as long as a total sleep of 35 sleep cycles is enough.

So even if one day of the week, not enough sleeps, you can make it back at other times, so that the working people who don’t sleep enough will be psychologically less stressful.

sleep every day


There’s also a particularly big benefit to knowing that R90 sleep is that we can adjust the time we sleep or wake up to sleep, so we can wake up to be super awake every day.

I believe you have a similar situation, sometimes at 3 or 4 o’clock in the middle of the night will suddenly wake up, and not sleepy but refreshing. Actually, that’s because you woke up just in time for the junction of two sleep cycles.

That is to say, waking up at a whole number of 1.5 hours, when people are not sleepy. Then we can set the time of our waking up to the end of a sleep cycle.

As a practical example, if you have to get up at 6:00 the next morning, you’ll have to go to bed with an integral 1.5 hours of the sleep cycle, which means you can fall asleep at 22:30 or 00:00 and get up the next day very easily.

I was actually had a difficult time to wake up before, after using this method, every day calculate the time to sleep, getting up will be much easier. At first, I need an alarm clock, after a while, the alarm clock is useless. You can also try this method if you having a hard time to wake up.

In addition, about sleeping and waking up, I have something to share with you:

1. It’s best to keep the wake-up time at the same time every day so that your body can form a regular pattern.

2. Don’t stay in bed even on weekends, try to keep a uniform rhythm with normal time.

3. Don’t use your phone before you go to bed, turn it off or put it in another room, the blue light from your phone will affect your sleep.

4. Don’t drink water 3 hours before bedtime, or you’ll be woken up by urinating in the middle of the night.

5. When we wake up, open the curtains, let the sun shines to wake up our bodies.

6. After waking up, you can do a few minutes of yoga, stretch your body, and have good health benefits.

7. Drink a cup of warm water on an empty stomach and have a healthy breakfast every day.

8. A short break at noon each day to replenish your energy.

9. Do not sleep too little for 3 consecutive days.