Why do you find it hard to do whatever you are doing?

I saw such a question online today, and there is an answer that I feel like worth sharing, although I did not write the answer, but I still want to share it to everyone, I hope it will help you!

Jack Ma once said: “Think thousand of roads at night, take the same old road in the morning (I don’t know the exact translation, the original quote was 晚上想想千条路,早晨起来走原路)”

There’s a very important factor in this, we call it: execution.

Execution is a key factor in determining whether a person can do something, and often most people stop at the idea, but never do it, not even once.

In the end, delay day after day, slowly forget about it.

So a lot of people think: Why is it so hard for me to do one thing? While hating their incompetence, while ambitious in the heart.

And most people like to give themselves an excuse, such as when you want to do product marketing, you might think, aren’t people busy at this time? Isn’t this time that person is sleeping? Maybe I should change to another time to call this customer, and time was slowly dissipate in the procrastination. And the real executive is when you want to do something, don’t think too much, do it first, why? Because the problem you think before you do something may not be a problem, and the problem you’re having when doing something is the real problem.

And the real problem is bound to be solved at the same time as you do it, and most of the people are just lost in the first step.

So some people are meant to be extraordinary, some people meant to be mediocre.

Of course, nothing wrong with being an extraordinary or mediocre, the most important thing is that you are happy, and if you have been unhappy because of mediocrity, then you have to change, starting with the recent execution to make yourself to extraordinary standards.

Execution is a key factor in determining a person


In fact, the execution can start from small things, such as if you want to exercise, do not worry about the bad weather outside, do not worry about today’s wind, change clothes and shoes, go out and start exercise.

When you want to learn a new skill, don’t worry about whether you will understand it or not, don’t bother when encounter problems, patiently go through the tutorial, believe me, the aftertaste fun of mastering knowledge and skills are endless.

When you are doing a small project, don’t think about your worthless self-esteem, let go of your pride, boldly recommend your products to others, there will always be someone who will buy your product.

Execution needs a strong heart to support, you have to learn to comfort yourself, cheer yourself up, believe in yourself, everything is possible.