Why do some people can get success easily?

Success, is something that almost everyone wants, but why are you always one step away from success, why are others always succeeding and you’re always a little bit behind?

Successful people always have some traits, but today we’re talking about only one.

The traits of Success: The Spirit of an adventurer

Why do we say that the braves get much more than the cowards, but why such a brave person can easy to succeed?

People who are brave are not afraid to take risks, they have the courage to try.

Many successful people did not get success in applause and flowers at first, they face the white eyes of relatives and friends, especially facing the harsh words of loved ones, their inner feelings are painful only themselves know, but they will think silently in their heart – Make results to show them.

They have the determination to get through the most difficult things in the most difficult beginnings – knock and doubts.

In “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, the author talks about why it’s hard for young people today to succeed because of their self-doubt, and what does self-doubt lead to? That is afraid to take the first step.

Ask yourself: How many good ideas we have died on whether to try.

Thinking about all sorts of possibilities that might happen, a blueprint for the future, everything sounds great, but why does it all stop? Because of the fear of failure.

We are afraid to get out of the familiar place, familiar environment, familiar with the work, familiar with the daily, all of this as a habit of natural occurrence, we worry that they become different, worry about change, so constantly wanting to maintain the original appearance.



Change is not necessarily a bad thing. But it’s not going to get better.

Should we seriously try it? What are the consequences of our failure? What are we going to lose?

We lose a percentage chance of failure, i.e. a greater probability of success.

What are the consequences of failure? Inner frustration? A waste of time? A friend’s jeers?

Any of these sounds hard to accept, at least until it’s done.

But what if you’re passionate about doing what you love?

The result will be different. Because you love what you do, you feel happy and self-worth when you do it.

In other words, you experience happiness when you do things, this time, even you failed, you will not regret because you are happy, you enjoy the process.

So, try not to do something you don’t like for success, if you don’t like what you do, then your overall process is not happy, even if it succeeds, but when you are doing it, are your experience really good? Isn’t it a process experience for decades for us to live our lives?

So, enjoying your process is the most important thing.

To put in the matter, when you fully enjoy it, will you still care about the final result?

Just as when you’re eating a delicious meal, you enjoy the process of eating, and when you’re dealing with something during eating, you care about the result of after eating.

If we compare the achievement of our goals to eating, do we expect us to eat “delicious food” rather than fill our stomachs?

The courage to take risks and try is better than not doing anything, but in the process of completing the goal, we should enjoy the process, from now on, try some small things, start a little to do what you love.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing— Helen Keller