Why do people look for financial freedom?

It is particularly popular for wanting to achieve financial freedom. The pursuit of financial freedom seems to have become a dream that wanted by many people. These two days, I have a deep reflection on the pursuit of financial freedom.

With deep thinking, there is a deep answer. Before I officially say my answer, I want to ask you: why do people want to pursue financial freedom? Maybe you’ll say: When I achieve it, I can get the freedom of life, I have enough time, I can do what I want to do. I want to do what I really like!

I fully understand that most people ultimate purpose is to gain more time and freedom. And to get more time to be free is ultimately to do what you really like. So our core is to earn the freedom of time.

So, now, let me ask you one more question:

When you have enough free time, how much time do you plan to spend every day doing what you’re interested in, or how much time do you plan to spend every day doing what you really like? Two hours? Three hours?

Or do you need eight hours, or do you want to put eight hours and devote all of them to your hobbies?

According to my observation, I found that if every day, you can spend three hours, dedicated to your interests and hobbies, it is enough. Every day 3 hours, can you do it after you’ve achieved financial freedom?

But the truth is that these three hours, even if you have not achieved financial freedom, you can still spare three hours of your free time. Get up an hour early and spare two hours in the evening. That’s it!

financial freedom


You’ll find that it has something to do with your level of self-discipline, not really financial freedom. Or I should put it this way, even if you have now achieved financial freedom, your life still needs self-discipline. Otherwise, how can we enjoy financial freedom forever?

Some people think that when we achieve financial freedom, we achieved the greatest dream of life, live however we want to live, do what we want to do. If at this moment, you have achieved financial freedom, have you think of living in such a casual, irregular life? Or will you still choose to live a regular life? A normal life?

Now I’ll answer my own questions. Why am I so desperate for financial freedom? Why on earth should I pursue it? Because when I achieve my financial freedom, I will have free time, and I will be able to write and live with joy. If I want to travel, I can travel.

And these things I long for, I can do it now, I just need to change the concept and mood. Give me three hours of creative time a day, it’s enough for me. It is impossible for a person to write for eight hours. It’s also hard for you to do eight hours a day and engage in your hobbies.

Although I can’t do luxury tours, I can still travel.

I don’t have to go through the hard work of pursuing financial freedom, to live the life I want, or to feel the mood.

I can now adjust to that mentality, I can now take some time to experience that kind of freedom days, to experience that kind of free life feels!


To this point, I suddenly feel that financial freedom, in fact, is a scam; Financial freedom is a theoretical ideal state. It’s not related to real life.

The real life is that you have the responsibility, and you have freedom. No matter how much you hate that part of your responsibility, you have to do it, and for that part of your freedom, the key is to see how you plan and how you deal with it. No one lives in their own world with perfect ideals. No one has the freedom that money brings.

The so-called freedom, the so-called shackles, these are related to your thoughts, and your beliefs.

Everything you desire can be found in the present. It is not to say we should stop pursuing. Obsessed with growing up is just mean that you are living in the future. In fact, you always have something of the future. It’s just that we didn’t realize it.

Therefore, there is no realization of financial freedom, whether to achieve financial freedom, also seems not important.

The most important thing in this life is what are you going to do that is valuable and meaningful? How long do you plan to take time out each day to learn, to improve, to create, to experience them? Can you go after them relentlessly? Do you have a direction? Do you have that passion? Would you like to grow every day? These are life!

These are the main lines of life!

All of the above is my personal feeling. If it helps you, I’ll be happy. It’s normal if you don’t agree. Diversity of ideas has built our rich world. Anyway, ask yourself questions often and you’ll come up with your own answer.