Why aren’t you take any action?

In this full of the information era, it is easy for us to know the successful things that people of our age are doing, when compared with ourselves, we will feel anxious.

A while ago, the founder of the motorcycle withdrew 1.5 billion, caused a great stir on the internet, admiration, envy, more of which caused a new wave of anxiety.


Appropriate anxiety is good; it means that we have the desire to strive for the best. Want to become better, appropriate anxiety is beneficial, but the most concern is that you have only anxiety, but didn’t take any action.

The cause of anxiety, most of it is due to the current self is not good enough, and not as close to people.

When your friend score with a flying color, but you failed, you will start anxious, why can’t you do well as your friend?

Because of his excellent professional knowledge and solid basic skills, your housemate received an offer from a famous enterprise; you will be anxious, why is your roommate get the offer but not you?


People around us are most likely the one who brings us anxiety, if you don’t have their excellent, it is easy to compare yourself with them, this will make you feel anxious, and anxiety comes from when you want to become better.

However, the most worrying is that when you become anxious, you want to become better, but you are still standing at the same place, didn’t take a step forward, so that your anxiety, will only become your burden.

When you are anxious, act quickly.

Anxiety is to remind you, to act quickly to catch up with those who are better than us, no matter what, do more or less, even if only a little, take the first step is the most important.

If only anxiety and no action, it is better to give up the anxiety, recognize the present self, and embrace such a self, so as not to increase psychological pressure, let oneself overwhelmed.

Jane was my high school classmate during high school. Whenever she was looking at her test result, she will frown on the brow, grumble, “Why is she better than me every test results!”
(“She” is a “rival” that Jane has unilaterally considered in high school)

Then she would be restless and sigh, but back to the classroom, her mind was anxious and feels disturbed, and can’t concentrate in class.

And when the next test results released, she became more anxious, her mood becomes bad, lose hope in life because “she” is always better than her.

You can listen carefully in class, after class, study again, practices more, someday, you will be better than her.

However, I do not want to, it is more comfortable to live according to my own pace …

Errrrmmm~ if you don’t wish to act, then why are you still anxious.


That feeling is like in the morning, when roommate crawled out of bed early, turned on the computer, put on headphones and start studying, and me in my half dreaming half awake state, my heart started to feel anxious, and say to myself that I should get up.

But the laziness, the comfort of the bed, so that you can hardly act up, so helplessly watched the people around becoming more excellent, but you are still wasting time on the bed, doing nothing.

Anxiety is not terrifying, it is terrifying when anxiety erodes your heart, and your body is still doesn’t want to take a step.

So, when you’re anxious, take action right away. To get rid of anxiety, to become a better self.