Who is Your Favorite TWICE Member?

Who is Your Favorite TWICE Member?

TWICE is making history with their current album right now and they don’t have any plans of stopping. The 9 girls KPOP group started last 2015 and they never looked back ever since.

The group’s success didn’t happen overnight. It is a culmination of hard work, patience, and belief that they will excel sooner or later and surely they did. 

Their fan base is also amazing, to say the least. They have fans all over the world and they are more than ready to perform for them.

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Every day, we have this question on the internet on who is the leader and who is the most handsome member of TWICE. Ranking them is harder than expected because they have different features and different styles.

But to end this question, we are going to create a poll that allows you to vote for your favorite TWICE member.

Vote for your favorite TWICE members