Who is nourishing your energy? Who is consuming your energy?

Have you ever had such an experience?

When someone approaches you, before he/she speaks, your body has begun to feel uncomfortable, don’t know why and just feel that something is wrong?

After chatting with this person for 20 minutes, you will feel particularly tired, as if you have been hollowed out.

This person may be the one who sucks your energy (Energy Sucker).

There are people like this around us, even our own families. They’re like a black hole, suck everything in.

When you get close to them, after a long contact, you will inexplicably get into a bad mood, your mind slowly becomes pessimistic, feel the bleak life.

Such people tend to wear masks. If you are not aware enough, not sensitive enough, not enough training or experience, it is difficult to quickly identify.

The human body and mind are a complete energy system.

Energy has highs and lows, positives and negatives. At work, in life, we will meet all kinds of people, they all have all kinds of energy states.

Whether you realize it or not, the energy systems of the people we meet have an impact on our own energy state. It happens naturally, and if you don’t have a keen awareness, you probably don’t know. 

Even if they don’t talk, when they just approaching you will make you feel uncomfortable because their energy is affecting us.

People can be divided into people who suck your energy in different states (Energy Sucker) and those who give you energy (Energy Giver).

When you come into contact with the person who absorbs your energy, you feel that your energy state is reduced, uncomfortable, you always feel that there is something in your body blocking, tired, want to rest.

And when come into contact with the person who gives you energy, you feel physically comfortable, your heart is calm, peaceful, your heart and body are nourished, and you’re even raising energy from the depths of your heart, full of energy.

It is undoubtedly important to identify those who suck energy and those who give it. It needs to be explained that the energy-absorbing people here have nothing to do with the good and evil of human beings, we are talking only about the state of energy.

People who complain and get angry a lot.

For a person who complains a lot, this energy will flow out anytime, anywhere, dislike everything he/she sees, picky, easily stay in the negative part of things, and ignore the positive.

Negative thoughts and ideas will undoubtedly release negative energy shocks.

People’s thoughts and ideas are all energy.

“Water knows the answers” by Masaru Emoto proves with scientific experiments that human ideas are energy-powered.

When people have different ideas about a bottle of water, and the water will produce different thoughts.

“A cup with half water, an optimistic person sees a half-cup of water, and a pessimist sees half an empty cup.” This points to different people’s view of the problem from a different perspective and a different mental pattern.

People who see “half an empty cup” are people who treat things negatively.

If this person is a man of many words, this energy will be released in the form of language, will grieve and complain.

If this person is a person with fewer words, when this energy accumulates to a certain extent, often will be released with offensive action, such as: throw things, quarrel, shout, or even fight.

If this person doesn’t like to conflict with others, this energy tends to turn to attack themselves, such as abusing their bodies, burning themselves with cigarette buts, drinking alcohol, and so on.

You can use your body’s feelings to verify it.

Find someone who usually complains a lot, and be aware of whether your body’s feelings have changed before and after listening to his complaints, and what has changed in your energy state.

If you listen carefully, you’ll be unwell after 10 minutes and want to walk away.

The truth and essence of this phenomenon are: He sucks your energy! He’s Energy Sucker.

The body always feels right.

What kind of person is a energy sucker?


The centerpiece of conversation is all about the “me”.

There are many self-centered people in life. The topic and focus, most of which are: “I’m this… I’m that…” and the content of the conversation is dominated by him/her.

No matter what’s he/she’s talking about, he/she will always keep your focus on him/her or what he/her’s talking about. This kind of person is also the person who is energy sucker.

There is a strong energy need inside this type of person: “Listen to me! You listen to me!” This kind of person has a very strong, sometimes talk fast, some will not listen to what you say.

On an energy level, you are dominated by him.

For example, when the conversation begins, and he is talking about the topic he is interested and you are not interested, find an appropriate time to pull out.

Ask yourself: Why would he let me listen to this? Does he not think that whether I’m interested or not? Are we really feeling each other in the heart to communicate with each other?

If the answer is no, be careful, he’s using the dominant topic to absorb your energy! The body will never deceive us, the body is the outlet of the subconscious, the subconscious is to protect us.

If your body doesn’t feel well, it’s actually reminding you: Protect your energy!

The hidden sucker who sucks your energy

The first two are dominant energy-absorbing people that are relatively easily recognizable.

There is also a kind of person, is the recessive energy sucker, it is difficult to distinguish.

For example, he doesn’t talk much, he doesn’t seem to complain a lot, he talks with your feelings, doesn’t dominate the topic, and he doesn’t have a strong voice.

But he seems to be weak inside, making you give sympathy, compassion, and want to help him. This kind of person is also the one who sucks your energy.

If you are in good energy condition, it’s okay to enjoy the process of caring for him and meeting your needs.

However, if your own energy state itself is generally not even good, at this point, if you continue to give, and even give at the expense of your own health, it will damage your energy system. Over time, one day your energy system will have a problem.