When you have a job, leave a way open for the future

When we have a job, we should ask ourselves such a question, if I lose the current job, what can I do?

Most of the cases, only a few people will think about this question, it is natural for everyone to think that I have a job, why should do I think of those things that did not happen.

One thing to be clear about is that some jobs are mostly for young people, such as artists, programmers, PR, designer, and journalists. If you are in these professions, the older you are, the more powerless you are. In the end, you will be eliminated.

This is a cruel reality, but this is the law of the development of things, we can not go against these laws, because the work itself is such a requirement, you can’t force it.

It is in this case that you have to be prepared for the worst.

Although you have a job now, it’s hard to make sure that one day you’re suddenly fired for something, or that you’re in a youthful career, and it’s necessary to think about your next job in advance.

You can not think about it, but be clear that if that day comes, you still have to deal with it, and it’s more stressful. First, your income is gone, you are naturally not in the mood to consider the new job, the more terrible thing is that you are unable to calm down.

So what do we do?


Now start imagining that you have no job, you are old, your brain doesn’t work like it used to before, you might have a certain amount of saving, but it is not enough for your old age.

Whether you have a second career on hand, whether you have financial management, whether you buy fixed assets.

Carefully make these a plan, if you have none of the above, then you should start plotting. If you are young, you should be thankful that you read this post, you still have such a long time to plan.

You can use your spare time to get a second skill, a skill you can do without needing you to be young, a skill that can be used for a lifetime.

If you have no financial management, you should start making a plan, whether or not to make a regular monthly division of part of your finance.

If you haven’t bought a property yet, you should use your weekend to see if there is a suitable listing.

No matter what you do, there is only one purpose, that is, in the absence of a job, you can still have no worries.

Take your eyes a little further and you can go more smoothly.

It is the wisest choice to prepare for the future with the most dynamic self of the moment. As long as you are thinking about preparing for the future, you will know how to do it.

If you do not know today, continue to ask the same question tomorrow, ask a few more times, you will find the answer.

The method is very simple, is to try to imagine yourself when you are old, life after you are old, and then ask yourself what to do.

Think more about this matter, will help you cherish the present more, will prepare for the future better.