When you feel tired, please don’t obey your heart easily

In most of the tv series or movies, there will always be such a scene: the hero is injured seriously, felling tired, and wanted to close his eyes to sleep a while, at the same time, the heroine will cry and keep talking to the hero, afraid that he will not be able to wake up from the sleep.

At work, we often work overtime, too many things to work on, complex tasks, feeling busy, others see us think that we are hard-working, but in real life, it is just a facade.

As for how is the scene from the TV series related to us in real life, it’s because I think it fits the reality.

After work, we feel tired and sleepy, we will want to sleep, then we really fell asleep, muddle along the day without any aim, and then quietly meet the same day again.

When you look back years later, there is nothing to be missed. Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. Most people, look around, still alone, maybe helpless to laugh! That’s why the 36-year-old toll station worker broke down in tears after losing his job. Because for the short-term comfort, give up self-growth, when the times eliminate you, it will happen in a blink of an eye.

As night fell, the window was still calling. I sat alone in the sultry room, turned on the fan, and let it blows on my short hair. Carefully review my days, little by little, this unchanged life is because of the word “suffering”, afraid of suffering.

A quote from a Chinese actor, Huang Bo, “when you are weak, you are surrounded by bad people, and when you are strong, you are surrounded by good people.”

It’s a bit cruel, but that’s the reality.

After growing older, realized that we don’t need to live our life so meticulously, nothing can dominate our own destiny, except ourselves.

We have read a lot of motivation articles, most of them talk about change life through effort. Why they will gain attention from most people is because through the stories, more or less can see our own shadow in it.

Maybe we are having bad luck, life pressure, difficulties, and setbacks, but still, have a small dream of longing for a better life.

I think people who can reach the higher level of life basically have three characteristics: the first is the positive attitude, even if all lives leave me, I can still wipe away tears, continue to move forward. The second is delayed satisfaction, abandon timely fun, can be down-to-earth, harvest greater fruit. The third is to know how to insist, no pain no gain.

Many people seem to be very busy every day, feel like working very hard, why is life still not satisfactory?

Busy does not mean efficiency, if you just want to muddle along, you will live in a muddled life.



“Today will be very cruel, tomorrow will be very cruel, the day after tomorrow will be very beautiful, but most people will die tomorrow night.” This is the cruel elimination system of society, if you can’t suffer, can’t persist, you can only struggle in your original position.

Suffering may be the biggest obstacle to a person’s change. Today I am particularly tired, I have done a lot of things today, I have to take a break, so become lazy and gave up on the goal.

And because of time and time laziness, the goal once set was gradually getting away, until it became a black and white memory deep in your mind.

The greatest fairness given to us by society is that we are all emotional creatures, all of which are sad and happy, and will not be smooth sailing. 

In fact, plan your time of the day reasonably, you will find that the whole day, no matter how busy, there is still a lot of time we can control, but most of the time we may be in a daze, or in the wind messy reverie.

In fact, trying to do a good job, will increase our self-confidence a lot, this is a very beneficial cycle.

So stop saying you are very busy and tired, most of the time we are busy with some of the trivial things that don’t help our life growth.

Plan your life, then pick a career that you’re good at, try hard to make it better, and you can live the life you want to live.

When you feel tired, think carefully, do you want to give up the choice and escape, or choose to painfully break free of the shackles of bondage?