When facing the job you hate, do you quit or endure it?

Everyone will have a different situation, right? But whether you choose to leave or endure, you need to be brave enough to choose and face it.

On this subject, I would like to tell you two stories.

Ms. Moon is a famous talented woman in our small town, she is working in the publicity department, she published a lot of articles and some books.

But 10 years ago, no one could have thought she would be what she is now.

Ms. Moon grew up living in the countryside, her grades are good, after graduating from high school, she admitted to a university.

Ms. Moon major in Agriculture Advertising and Marketing, she did not like it at all, but at that time she did not know what she liked, her only hobby is to read novels.

In three years time, she read countless novels. Her diary is written fully in seven books, that records her pain and happiness.


After graduating from university, she was assigned to a township agricultural company, her task was mainly to sell pesticide fertilizer, wages are around than $500 per month.

This kind of work, making Ms. Moon feels extremely bored. But the reality gave her no courage to resign and leave.

First, no money, need to starve if have no job; Second, she has no special skills, it is difficult to find such an institution; Third, her family are farmers, no one can help her. It’s even harder to find another career!

Ms. Moon can only endure, and keep working. Instead of complaining, she turned her attention to things she was interested in, she began writing some briefing news and contributed to local newspaper radio and authorities.

Slowly, the more she wrote, she became the main writer for most of the articles. Then many companies who required her writing talent, offer her a position.

Ms. Moon has been working very hard, continuous learning to improve her writing ability. Other than writing for news, she was also started writing novels.

Time is the best witness to hard work and miracles! More than 10 years of pen-plowing, Ms. Moon’s articles and novels are getting more and more attention, she also joined the Writers Association, her published articles were included in the collection of essays.

Then, in the name of an excellent writer, she was transferred to the publicity department and worked in her favorite job.


Wendy is a fresh graduate, both of her parents are civil servants, she started learning Chinese calligraphy from an early age.

During school, she had participated in the calligraphy competitions many times, and often get first place.

Wendy’s academic performance is also very good, she chose animation during university.

After graduation, she entered a media company and engaged in animation design work, high wages and good welfare.

It can be said that her career was quite smooth.

But not long ago, she had resigned. That is a job that envy by a lot of people, and she also worked for several years, getting a promotion soon, her future has great potential.

No one knows what’s Wendy was thinking. Until recently, she often shared some of her animation works on social media, we only to begin to understand.

In fact, it is not difficult to understand, Wendy’s family background is good, they have some savings after working for a few years, don’t have to worry about food and clothing problems, and she is specialized in the industry, want to pursue a better realization of self-worth.

Sure enough, not long, Wendy created her own anime and hand-painting, her products were selling quite well online.

So when you face a job you don’t like or even hate, you have to think about the future, not the past.

It doesn’t matter if you stay or leave. What matters is your choice, your attitude to the choices you make, and the effort you put into it to determine your future life.