When a person alone for a long time, will they not use to talking? Why?

When a person alone for a long time, will really understand the value of silence.

A language is a tool of communication needs, and language is unfounded because the description of language is very one-sided, especially subjective color language. But which language can be objective and accurate? Among other things, our languages are mostly extra.

When people are communicating, not so much retelling, but more on expressing their own ideas and attitudes: which side I stand, how I see this matter. Thus, language becomes proof of their existence, and the object of the thing described is not so important.

Silence makes people think; if your silence does accumulate something, the longer you are alone, the more you can have a clear view of the world. So, be careful with words and deeds, and that’s the value of being alone.

Being alone for a long time is because not used to speaking, but understand the value and effect of language, and also understand what a person’s language means.

Language is a tool of communication


Human languages comes from group collaboration, in that any nation must go through the stage of collaboration, we want to hunt, we want to work, we have both collaborations, and also need to work in cooperation, our language has become our bond.

Then our language gradually became our common symbol, we need to put our common values and special life experience into the language, it has become our cohesion.

Later, the language became a tool of expression, became a prop of performance, became a channel for venting, became a false bunker.

Nowadays, too much language is worthless, so that people, whether they like it or not, must go through a period of experience alone, and no matter why being alone. Of course, wise people themselves have learned to be alone, and mediocre people have to learn to be alone. Thus, a person’s value is sublimated when alone, of course, more people will sink in alone – they have no better way to deal with being alone, and wise people are just enjoying being alone.

There are a lot of people who love to talk, nagging about some complicated things, such as many married women. Of course, there are many people who are very good at talking, they are the experts of the scene, they are like the million gold oil around all kinds of people’s occasions, they are free of mud-like figures everywhere. There are also unspeakable children, either born that way, or disdain.

Therefore, language is not a good thing, not because of your tongue, but the evil of the heart. Most of the false ideas are waving through the city with a fancy dress, and more childish souls are caged in the empty talk.

Of course, other than the people using their mouths as a tool to live, oral technicians, dramatists and so on,  more actions are better, after all, actions speak louder than words.