What we lack is never the courage to start all over again, but the willpower to persist.

Every start is a new starting point, but most of the new beginnings will not be long before they die, how can the new beginning be persisted to in the end?

The first thing we have to figure out is what does it means to start from scratch.

Start from scratch, does it really means start from scratch? Of course not. What you learned and stored in your brain can’t be thrown away at once, and giving you a new starting point. And no one knows when a person’s life coming to an end, and in the process, it will change with any decision. This time you choose to start from scratch, then discard all the past, the next time you will feel like starting from scratch again, then discard, but in the end, what else do you have left?

Second, understand why you want to start from scratch.

Have you experienced a weight loss failure and you’ve failed many times before, whether you want to quit your addiction and want to live a new life from here, whether you’ve spent all your previous lives… So you’re going to start from scratch.

You’re going to start from scratch, but what are you going to do?

One weight loss failure after another, time after time paralyze by tobacco and computer, and even a waste of light is the norm in your first half of life. You keep trying to change, but you never succeed. This is because the method is not correct.

What method is right, as if no one can give a fixed, certain correct answer. You go online, through various channels to find this answer, but always get different results. So you start to get confused, tangled, anxious and even choose to give up. In fact, it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s just a decision to start from scratch, persist to be successful. It’s not hard to persist, find the right way to do more with less.

What’s the right way to do it? How do you find the right way for you?

In the book “Maximum Willpower”, most people feel that they have weak willpower – self-control is only a momentary act, and it is the norm to lose control and get out of control. Many people feel like they’ve let themselves and others down, so they feel guilty. Others feel that they are dominated by thoughts, emotions, and desires and that impulses rather than careful choices dominate their lives. Even people with strong self-control find it exhausting to be in control of life. One can’t help but ask: Does life really need to be so hard?

Most books about behavior change will help you set goals and even tell you how to achieve them. Few books will help you analyze why and tell you why you haven’t changed. Of course, the authors know you want to know why, but they just don’t tell you.

I am convinced that the most effective way to improve self-control lies in figuring out how and why I get out of control. The book “Maximum Willpower” will tell you that everyone is resisting temptation, fetish, distraction, and procrastination in some way. This is not an individual’s weakness, but a general experience. After reading this book, you will have a scientific understanding of your own self-control ability, no longer have this trouble. There are also a lot of experimental methods for your reference.



Find your interests

Interest will give you boundless motivation. If you have no goals, do not know what you are looking for, then do what you like, put it to the extreme, you will certainly achieve something. This is what interest can bring you.

If you have a goal and found your own interest, use your interest to supplement your goal, you will be more relaxed and happy on your way to the dream.

Some people may find it difficult to find their interests, so do something when they encounter something. This is not to teach you to accept everything without a goal. It’s about getting you to think about what you like or don’t like when you’re doing these things. Since you can’t judge your interests subjectively, you might as well use the exclusion method.

Clean and tidy

The clean and tidy is not about taking a bath every day and change your clothes. Most people face three big problems in the wrong order. First to solve the problem between people and things, then solve the problem between people and people, and finally solve the problem between people and their own inner. Reacting to reality is that you should discard the burdens of your life and keep the areas of your life and work fresh and clean; clean up the social apps that hasn’t been used for years, and make your circle of friends smaller; stick to your bottom line, and prevent yourself getting distracted from the outside world.

Get into habits

Don’t look down on the power of habit, if your habits are right, you will be omnipotent. But you have to remember that habits can only be changed, not destroyed. You can find another habit to replace it or change it in other ways, but you can’t destroy it.

Habits are divided into three stages:

In the first stage, the resistance period (1-7 days) most people fail in the early stages of developing habits. It’s because you’re in the resistance period. Then you need to set simple goals at this stage, just one goal, not too focused on results.

The second stage: the unstable period (8-21 days), the new habits are fragile, the failure rate is also very high. This phase will be a customary pattern, fixed time, fixed location, specify the specific number and method.

Third stage: The burnout period (22-30 days) During this period, you need to add new rules to your habits, or change the environment, change the mood.

Simple habits are always easier to adhere to compared to the difficult one, it is better to start from a simple, develop simple habits, and then slowly improve the difficulty.

Life is a journey after paragraph, why not be bold to start, may as well be brave to try to persist. Because life does not go the way you want it to be, it brings you not only joy and happiness but also confusion, melancholy and loneliness. Put down the past of yours, and say goodbye to your past, the future is persistence and success.