What to do when you are confused about your future?

We will confuse about our future is because we feel that we don’t have things that we are good at the present and the things that we like.

Assuming this is the case, it’s best to try more things, use a shorter time is the cost to decide whether you like to do it or not.

Be sure to act, don’t limit yourself.

Try extra one more round, do the comparison, the more interest you are in something, the easiest to invest time to do.

Once there is a direction, plan for the future.

Suppose after you tried but haven’t found the direction, then you use your personal growth and wealth accumulation as your target.

Read more books, start from your favorite books, after your interest in reading increases, read some classic books or books that can help you improve your thinking and skills.

Don’t say you don’t like reading, if that’s the case, I can only say that you are making excuses for your own laziness. It is you who over enjoy comfort in front of you and bring all the disadvantages.

As I said before, if there is nothing that you like or good at in the present, you will be confused about your future. But have you ever thought about why do you suddenly feel confused about your future?

There is a possibility that your current life makes you feel completely comfortable, and when you start thinking about the future, you find that you don’t know anything, or even can’t find something you’re interested in, so you’re confused.



Some people will say that “this is me, can’t change, no confidence to change.”

I would advise that you don’t always think about what the future holds, let alone the articles/videos that will cause you anxiety, do the right thing well and improve a little bit.

What does it mean by “improve a little bit”? Suppose you have to choose a job to survive, and that job is your root, then make it steady first.

The skills you need at work are the direction you learn to improve, improve however you can, don’t think too much about others!

After you’re single-minded about improving the skills you need to improve your job, you’re likely to be an expert in the field, when you’re an expert, will you still confused about the future?

If you still feel confused after you become a field of experts, which shows that you are not satisfied with the current situation. In fact, this is a very good psychological phenomenon. At this stage, strictly speaking, it is not the so-called confusion, but you are not satisfied with the current situation, you want to improve yourself.

So, encountering this “confusion” may lead to a bottleneck in your income or skill upgrading in the field. In order to break this bottleneck, the best way is to learn.

In the end, this is back to personal growth, because people cannot stop learning.

What should you learn? You can dig deeper into the field you are in, dig out its underlying logic, and after a period of deep cultivation, you’ll find that you’ll learn more. Remember, be sure to act, be sure to take action!