What should we do so that we won’t become a keyboard warrior?

Learn emotion management, do not release your emotion on the internet

You can be unhappy, you can be anxious, you can be angry.

But the way to relieve stress and negative emotions is definitely not to vent your anger by saying profanity, mocking and attacking others on the internet.

In addition to not venting anger, but also taking an attack from the keyboard warrior, keep calm, don’t us “comment back” method to protect yourself.

Here’s a story that is quite common on the internet.

My friend posted a photo with his daughter on the internet. Then there are people commented: “She has a face only a mother could love”, in order to satirize his daughter’s appearance.

At that time he was very angry, instinctively picked up the phone want to question these people.

But his wife stopped him and told him if he commented back, what’s the difference between him and them?

Sometimes we commented a point of view on the Internet but got attacked and ridiculed by others, and anyone who encounters such a thing will feel very angry.

You try to reason with them, only to find that they don’t reason at all.

You try to comment back to them in the same way as they do, only to find that the more they commented, the braver they become.

The best way to treat a keyboard warrior is to ignore them.

All they’re looking for is a sense of being, and what they’re after is flouting your pleasure on all the heights of morality, IQ, skill, guts, and so on.

So, the best way to fight them is to ignore them.

keyboard warrior


Don’t look at things from the perspective of God

There is no point in looking at and discussing problems from God’s perspective.

The answer to the assumption that “if this happens to me, what will I do” has been distorted.

Everyone knows that in the event of an accident, we have to stay calm, but does knowing it means you will be able to do it?

More often, we are taking it for granted that we are imagining it with our brains.

But what you think and what you actually do is a gulf in itself.

So, before commenting on hot topics, it’s best to remind yourself not to look at things from the perspective of God, not to look for what the victim has done wrong with God’s perspective, let alone to poke fun at the shortcomings of the victim.

When a tragedy or social event becomes a hot topic, its existence is definitely not to make people poke fun and find fault.

Allow others to have different views and allow others the right to choose

We all have a problem, called the confirmation of errors, that is, only willing to accept those ideas that we agree. When there are ideas that we don’t agree, we will immediately feel that this is wrong, is ulterior motives, so will choose the language of attack.

This can lead to self-curing prejudices.

In the book “Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior”, the author Mlodinow mentioned that: “When people make judgments, there are two mechanisms, one is the “scientists mechanism”, there is evidence to draw conclusions, the other one is the “lawyer mechanism”, have a conclusion first then find the evidence.”

Most of us belong to the latter, and when we see the point of view that we agree with, we feel that we are writing well and will even take the initiative to search for “evidence” to support this view.

When we encounter what we don’t agree with, we will directly deny it, start a variety of “picky”, and even “hate everything related to it”, think that with this view is not a “good thing.”

won't become a keyboard warrior


Why is there a lot of “heated discussion” on the internet that can’t be quelled?

Rather than calling this a discussion, it is not so much that both sides want to persuade each other to concede and accept their views.

Reasoning, giving evidence, these won’t work, it is easy to use profanity, personal attacks, and try to frighten the other side.

This is such a boring and pointless thing to do.

Why do you have to use your own ideas to “kidnap” others and judge others?

As if your parents were interfering with you, you will feel limited and disrespectful, and when you interfere with others, others will have the same empathy.

Have more empathy, think twice before commenting, and have a bigger heart, so that you won’t become a keyboard warrior!