What life will be like without desire

Is it the less desire we have, the happier we are?

A lot of people’s answers are yes, but I don’t think so.

Self-control subtly differs from the notion of self-regulation. In other words, you have to resist the desire to be entrenched in you, not to be swayed by desire, and become the master of your own actions.

Desire and happiness do not complement each other, it is closely related to your behavior!

In fact, desire and happiness have no equivalent relationship at all, people who have no desire because they don’t know what they want, and those who have strong desires, they know what they need.


A lot of desire exist when we were born, such as appetite, libido, thirst for knowledge and so on, because of appetite, we have a variety of food; because of sexual desire, human civilization will continue to flow; because of the thirst for knowledge, people will constantly explore and continue to progress.

A lot of times, it’s because of the desire that we have the motivation to keep moving forward.

In our growth, the result of a lot of things comes from our own original choice.

For the choice of a certain thing, perhaps we are a whim, perhaps it is a deliberate decision, but can you deny that those choices, those decisions are not intended from your desire?

The most pitiful people are people who have no desire, because such people have lost faith in life, and the saddest people are the people with too much desire because too much desire makes them unknowingly lose themselves.

We can not deny that in everyone’s heart, more or less have their own desires, perhaps relationship, perhaps a career, perhaps fame and fortune, perhaps money, these things let us continue to strive for progress, it is because of these desires, we have a goal to work hard.

But unfortunately, a lot of people are bound by desire, slowly getting further away from their original intention, and finally controlled by desire.

We always say do not forget why we started, but how many people have adhered to it?

Too much desire will only add more burden to your life, making you don’t know your own behavior. And in order to reach the inner desire, you will give up some of the things you adhere to. At that time, you’re going to lose your bottom line, like a drug addict, can not control yourself, and eventually made a big mistake.


Wise people know how to control their behavior, they can be very good in turning their desires into their own motivation, they will give up when needed, but also can boldly choose their own direction in life.

Such people are the people who sway desire, not those who are swayed by desire.

And the prerequisite for controlling desire is self-control. A man with strong self-control can do a good job of controlling his desires, and he knows exactly what he needs and what he does.

And people with poor self-control always drift with the flow, such people tend to be swayed by desire.

Intellect is the premise and foundation of self-control. To be sane, you must learn to make a correct analysis and judgment of yourself and your surroundings, and you can clearly draw a clear line between right and wrong, find out what can be obtained, what is not, what is capable, what cannot be done, and always keep a clear head.

Do not consume your time to argue with others, don’t waste too much energy to please unrelated people.

Grasp your own needs, control your own desires, only when you really know yourself, control your life, you will go all the way forward. Because you know what you need, and you know what you are after.