What kind of success considered as “success”?

When it comes to “success,” there are just too many versions. But habits and concepts wise, it is surrounded around “rich”. When it comes to success, there should be two concepts, contingent success and perfect life. And for most people, it is very obvious that they pursue the “contingent success” as the perfect life.

Contingent success, exist in the workplace, exist in a relationship, exist in commercial, and even exist on the battlefield. More and more people gradually awaken, realized that life is not about pursuing contingent success, but to give up the perfect life. But it will take time for such awakening or enlightenment, and it will usually take about two generations.

A person’s perfect life should have the following indicators as a “success” condition.

First, health. Healthy physical health, healthy mental. See well, listen well, eat well, sleep well, bright mood, sunshine, positive, benevolent, kind.

Second, wealth. Have enough money, not worry about money. Colloquially speaking, money does not need too much, enough to meet the needs of life, and do not worry about not enough money, is considered up to standard.

Third, freedom. The so-called “success” that people looking forward to, if there is no freedom to body and mind, it is not counted as a success. Have time to pursue and experience hobbies. And the freedom of the true mind means not to be held by the worldly, not to be swayed by the powerful, go wherever you want, do whatever you want, that is the real freedom.

Four, a happy family. The pursuit of a happy family is a dream that many people are fighting for a lifetime, even putting all the effort into this goal. A gentle and beautiful wife, a handsome and capable husband, a clever and kind daughter, a lively and intelligent son.

This is a perfect life!



A lot of people will say that with money there will be everything. Logically money = everything. There are so many people who believe in this, so a very large number of people want to have everything, work hard desperately, just to achieve the first goal- become rich. There seems to be nothing wrong with it. But think carefully, it seems to be too good to be true.

First of all, become rich, how much money do you need to have to consider as rich? Someone can immediately say a specific number, and some will say, of course, the more the better. In any case, person greed is infinite, and the pursuit of money is endless. A phenomenon like this can be formed here:

A considerable number of people, abandoned the perfect life of the other three indicators, only first to achieve the prerequisite of wealth. Some have achieved it and found that they are not happy because the other three are missing and there is no time to mend them. There are many more who exhausted the last day of their lives, and not even achieved this goal.

In the current era, is the era of pursuing money, “pursuing money” is the mainstream idea, what you can see is all for the money. Only a very small number of people, do not pursue money, use the mind and energy to pursue money to run the other three indicators of life.

Do not pursue money, does not mean not to make money, they just balance all four together. Of course, the money won’t be that much, but nothing else will be too bad. This is a group of people who know how to run a life, who know how to enjoy life. Also often because they can understand life, not to see money in everything, so they are kind-hearted, open-minded, and spiritual material is not their ultimate goal.

Today we look at a person, comment on a person, consciously and unconsciously always use an indicator, that is how much money he/she earned, his/her annual income, how much assets and so on. How many people would comment on a person’s personal health? How about personal freedom? Freedom, freedom of mind? Is the family happy?

At best, accounting for only one-fourth of the “How much money” to measure whether a person is successful in the era, has quietly receded, the rise of emerging ideas will be a fuller “view of success”.