What kind of life you will get depends on what kind of life you choose

We make choices all the time, either choosing this or choosing that, what does the choice means for us most probably is a person’s life.

Bondage comes from the past, the world is actually very simple, everyone can get happiness, life can also become very simple. It’s us who make the world complicated, people live mostly in their own world, and the world is the world you see, or the world you think is very different from the most real world. How you see the world, how the world will be for you. The question is not what the world is like, but what you think. If you wear tinted glasses to observe everything, everything is colored, if you take off your glasses to see the world, the world will be different.

Do you have the courage to face up to the world? Or have you always been pessimistic? People are looking forward to changing themselves, but always afraid of not being able to change, life is really wonderful, on one hand, is inferiority, on the other hand, is passionate. Some people even worry that in the future no one will remember their name, even worry that their traces of existence can not be found. But there is a question I don’t know if you’ve thought about it: Why do we all want to change? It is because it can not be done easily, so we have expectations.

Some people are always immersed in the past, do not want to open their hearts, do not want to go out, do not want to contact with the outside world, the past trauma has been repeated, has been playing out, so many people have a kind of illusion that the past created the present, the past decided the present. Even some people think it can’t be changed now. It’s now that your decision has produced a series of results.

Psychologist Adler says that any experience itself is not the cause of success or failure. The so-called psychological trauma, in fact, we find factors from our experience that fit our purpose. It is not the past experience that determines us, but the meaning that we give to it.

In fact, all experiences themselves cannot determine anyone, it’s the meaning we give to our past experiences in order to determine our lives. Life is not determined by others, but by our own choices. What kind of life you choose to live, you will experience what kind of life. What kind of life you choose, you will get what kind of life.

Everyone lives for some purpose. People should move in the direction they like and be aggressive toward their goals. Change is based on understanding, all the answers need to be found by yourself, and what others tell you and what you hear doesn’t make much sense. This is because you are you, only you yourself can fix this problem. You can let yourself be free, in order to let yourself move forward. The doubts in you, you will also need to solve yourself.

Have you ever thought about the question that a lot of times you want to be someone else? Because you think others are happy, you are envious, you want to be like others. Why do you not feel happy at all at this moment, in fact, because you do not love yourself enough. You hate yourself now, and you hate yourself who has to do it. The truth is: no matter how much you desire to be someone else, no matter how much you don’t want to be yourself, you can only be you. You are you. You are yourself.

If you feel unhappy, you must keep moving forward. The important thing is not what is given, but how to use what is given. We have to constantly renew ourselves, whether lucky or unfortunate, are our own choice. If a person’s worldview is pessimistic, his character is pessimistic. If his worldview is optimistic, his character is optimistic. Everyone’s way of life is their choice. You can make new choices at any time, that is, you can make changes at any time. Whether you want to live like before or live a very different life than before, the right to choose is in your hands.

Life is not determined by others, but by our own choices


The problem is not in the past, but the present, a person can not change, because there is no determination to change. We are making choices any time, if you always choose not to change, not to change the original way of life, not to change your thoughts, if you have always maintained the previous way of thinking, then the results will never change. Change requires courage, you are unfortunate not because the environment is not good enough, not because you are not good enough, the most fundamental is your lack of courage to change. Lack of courage to make up your mind.

Life always depends on the present, want to change, first must give up the previous way of life, do what you should do now, or else you will only be a dreamer. If you don’t act right away, you’ll just make life more complicated and make it difficult to achieve the happiness you want.

If you really make a decision to change, not only to change your own communication with the world but also change your behavior. After the change, you are still you, but your lifestyle will be different. No matter what happened before, it won’t affect how you’ll spend your life in the future. Life will always live in this moment.

If a person only sees their own shortcomings, and constantly tells themselves: I do not like such self, have no self-confidence, always hold a pessimistic attitude, always doubt themselves, the reason is that that person has decided “no matter what I do I won’t like myself” determination. Whatever the outcome, accept your present self and constantly build the courage to move forward.

Why do people hate themselves? It’s because they are afraid they will be hated by others, disliked by others, and afraid of getting hurt. Want to eliminate the trouble, unless there is only one you in the world, so you don’t have to care what other people think about you, but is it possible? It’s impossible. Many people have a strong sense of inferiority, but from today on, we should abandon all feelings of inferiority. Not giving up is the best counterattack against inferiority, and constant progress is the best weapon. If you are unwilling to work because of fear of failure, you will not make any changes.

No one can endure fear for a long time, and by learning hard and practicing diligently, fate will change. As long as there is continuous progress on the line, the most taboo is to compare with others, we should treat everyone equally, everyone is different, but we are equal. With such faith, and constantly moving forward, and constantly beyond yourself, you will be happier.

In fact, everyone is our friend, do not live in suspicion, such trouble will get lesser and lesser. As long as you change, everything around you changes. You will always need to take the first step of courage.