What kind of habit will help you in your life?

Everyone lives only once, there may not be a chance to start over, so to make your lives wonderful, you must make a change.

Change is often slowly occurred after the accumulation of small habits, there is no changes can be done immediately.

So what habits do you have to stick to for a long time that will change your life and get better?

Researchers have found that when a person overcomes a bad habit or starts to form a good habit, it also comes with other good habits and changes your life, which they call a cornerstone habit.

So, in this case, what are the good habits that we should develop and can completely change your life?


We all know the importance of education, which is why our parents, even if the family is poor, they will prepare education funds for their children to go to school, for us to go to school for more than ten years.

However, most of what we learn in school is not as practical in real life.

Instead, we need to learn things like interpersonal communication, how to manage money, and so on, something we can’t learn in our school classes.

Books provide us with knowledge of all these topics, and they also enable us to look at things that we think are right from different perspectives.

Most people think they should buy a house in full amount, but in fact if you read about finance and investment, you’ll have the idea that it’s better to buy a house by a loan.

And that’s true, because money is getting less and less valuable in the future, and using loans to buy a house can fight inflation.

For example, if you borrow money from the bank, the less you will need to pay back in the future.

Because your repayment is fixed, repay 5000 now, 3 years later still 5000, 10 years later still 5000, but 5000 in 10 years later, may only be worth 2000 now, so your repayment costs will only be lower and lower in the future.

By learning, you will begin to adjust to other aspects of your life.

If you’ve read a book on social etiquette, you’ll start to notice some of the social etiquettes in the social process.

If you’ve read a book on finance, you’ll start to notice changes in your spending habits and start learning to cut down on expenses, not as unbridled as ever.

All human pain is essentially anger at one’s own incompetence.

Therefore, if you have time, it is better to make full use of it, read more, improve yourself.

Because it can affect any part of your life in a positive way, learning is undoubtedly one of the most basic habits.




Exercise is a strong cornerstone habit because of it’s close relationship with diet.

Researchers found that most people who started sticking to their exercise plans found themselves adjusting their diet.

And I also found that, like gym fitness instructors, they generally eat light, even if he/she is told to go out for a barbecue, he/she will euphemistically refuse.

If you’re a fitness instructor, I believe you’re not willing to let your all-time efforts go to waste.

In addition, the habit of exercising can have a big impact on how you feel every day.

Many people report feeling tired or vague, usually due to our lack of exercise, and feel much better once these people start to develop a good habit of exercising.

If you start feeling better day by day, it will make it easier for you to develop other good habits.


Regular review and reflect on yourself is a very efficient set of tools.

Running forward, you are advised to take the time to stop, review the road you’ve taken, reflect on your shortcomings, and improve yourself.

The goal is to give us a clear sense of how we can improve our skills through deliberate training, and then find new and better training methods to achieve our goals through trial and error.

In addition, I also found that for many years, successful people around, they also have a good habit is to review, no matter how late each day, they will insist on doing the day’s review. Or make a review about their past month or even the past year.