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Human, exhausted all their lives to pursue what they want. Love, money, or fame and fortune … All of this we can attribute them all as the meaning of life, and we can understand the meaning of life, which is a philosophical question that deconstructs the purpose and meaning of human existence, and these questions can be divided into three parts: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going?

In fact, the answer to these three questions is also a reflection on the meaning of life.

“The ultimate value of life lies in the ability to awaken and think, not just to survive. “This is Aristotle’s understanding of the meaning of life;” Life should be like a candle, burning from the top to the end, has always been bright. “This is Chunü Xiao understanding of the meaning of life.

“The meaning of life is not only to born, to live, but also to live better” This is my humble opinion of the meaning of life.

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No matter what people think about the meaning of life, these views have a common characteristic is to put “life” in all the premise, to reflect the meaning of life, to realize the value of life, the most important thing is to live well, only live well, the meaning of life can be manifested.

After we understand the concept of the meaning of life, then it is particularly important to think about the following two questions:

① Where are the meanings of life apply in our lives?

②  What can be done to reflect the meaning and value of life?

First, the meaning of life is to make the right choices.

Life is a process of facing countless of choices. The meaning of life is also part of a choice, lies in the repeated behavior of trial and error. At first, why makes this kind of decision, decid what to do in the future, this is the objective law of the internal development of things, but also the law of nature’s life.

After making a choice, the choice no longer represents the choice itself, but becomes a necessity, simply, the result of your choice will be the direction you want to work for it later, because apart from that, you have no other choice, and if you want to ruin the decision you made in the first place, you will have to pay the price you deserve.

That’s the meaning of life.

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Second, the meaning of life lies in the belief of perseverance

If you make a choice, you must learn to stick to it.

Dare to accept all the challenges for your dreams, adhere to do all the right things and never give up is the most valuable person, this is also the greatest significance of life prominent.

People always used “The first step is always difficult” as the excuse behind failure and as an excuse to flinches. In fact, the most difficult is not the first attempt to do something, of course, the reasons for failure can not all be attributed to the start, its biggest source of disaster is to give up halfway, is not able to adhere to.

There are a large number of people in the world who dare to make the first “taste crab” behavior, and the last successful people will not necessarily be in these people, the reason is in most of these people, only a small number of people can not only play their original advantages to the fullest, but also good at persistence, and convert it to the golden key that opens the door to success. But most of the others just bring a start for others and dig themselves a grave. Not that they are not good enough, but that they are not persistence enough.

A brilliant life must be a life full of passion.

The meaning of life is not only to be able to make the right choice but also after making the right choice able to persist.

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Third, the meaning of life is to obtain a constant sense of accomplishment.

With a steady stream of sense of accomplishment, can produce a steady stream of motivation, with the motivation, able to promote the further development, things can be further developed to reflect the meaning of life, so, to say, harvest achievements is the ultimate embodiment of the meaning of life.

After making the right choice, if we can be desperate for perseverance, and finally get a steady stream of accomplishment, which is the result of a person’s ultimate expectation, and also a person’s life meaning embodiment of the inevitable process.

Where does the meaning of life lie?

In fact, no one can make a most standard explanation, perhaps the meaning of life itself is a very abstract thing, abstract things exist or not is a question worth thinking about.

All of the above content is only my personal understanding of the meaning of life, I hope to play a reference role in the process of your thinking about the meaning of life.