What exactly is the meaning of life?

We are too busy, don’t have the time to think what we really want, so submerged in the rolling torrent, and then busy for a lifetime, live in a boring mediocre life.

Sometimes we envy the kind of person who can stick to their dreams, no matter what others tell them, dissuade them from doing something, they are firm in what they want and do what they like.

As time went on, they made a difference in the field they liked and slowly became the elite and leader of that industry.

And those who, day after day, repeat the clock-in work year after year, other than the obvious increase in age, the wages and insight still the same throughout the change of time. They had a little more exhaustion and loss on their faces, while envious of the young man who had previously risked taking the risk of doing what he liked.

They occasionally lamented how good it would have been if they had been as brave as he was in the first place.


We are all always afraid to try, afraid of change and breakthrough. Because change and breakthroughs are painful, risky, and if we failed, which mean, to a large extent, we have to break down many of the old order and re-establish the new knowledge systems.

So for the sake of insurance, we would rather keep the original static things, and not willing to risk making new attempts.

It is precisely why most people are unwilling to attempt and breakthrough which minority of people willing to do, so the success and wealth have been only a minority.

So the world is actually fair, and what you do will be harvested accordingly. What kind of seed is sown down determines how the fruit is harvested.

This is an inevitable result.

In the flow of the universe, we are always small and forever vulnerable. So we need to be grateful, always contented, and always humble.

I have a friend, he has a family business. Since childhood, his father began to cultivate his business mind, send him to study abroad, and receive a good education. Later, he naturally took over the company and became a director of the company. He worked hard over the day, he is either in meetings or on the way to meetings. All year round, he doesn’t have extra time to rest.

He likes cars very much, so the luxury car you can think of are all in his garage.

And my other rich friend, he is naturally not short of money, living in a leisure life. He either traveling or on the way to travel. Over the years, he has traveled almost every corner of the world.

He had no interest in running the family’s business at all, and later set up a travel blog of his own, which was also quite successful.

And some other friends are working nine to five every day, they are living in a comfortable life. Although they are not that rich but have some assets of their own.

And their work and life almost have no pressure, although not at ease, but relaxing.

However, they will also envy the friend who owns a lot of luxury cars, but they do not want to be as busy and toil as he is. The one who is busy working all day with luxury cars will also envy their leisure. Yet all this is determined by the circumstances and the place in which they are located.

Enjoy the social attributes that the class brings to you, from doing what thing in the corresponding position.

So it’s like this sentence, “You are not a fish; how do you know what constitutes the enjoyment of fishes?”

And when we all come to the end of our lives, we will all leave naked and without anything. So what life really is, it seems to be nothing, the meaning of life is nothing, it seems to have no meaning.

But each life lives out a different meaning.