What else did I notice in “Alita Battle Angel”?

When you have nowhere to go during the Chinese New Year season, watch movie becomes one of the must-do events. Although there are a lot of Chinese New Year movies, after reading the reviews/ comments on those movies, I decided to watch Alita: Battle Angel.

To be honest, as someone who didn’t watch the anime, I have no interest in the original Japanese anime story at first, but seeing my friends mentioned about the CGI in this film, I decided to watch it for myself.

After 122 minutes of full concentration, seriously, I really like this movie very much!

Through this film, I noticed a few emotional scenes, I immediately draft it down as soon as I reached home. (And only able to post this today lol)


1. Do you find it valuable for the CG to be more realistic?

If you never heard about CG before, technically, CG (Computer Graphics), the international use of computer technology for visual design and production of the field collectively referred to as CG.

Most of the applications of CG technology are currently in the field of animation, from the lip of the animated characters to the coherence of the action, the most important is the eyes of the characters, these have slowly become more mature, and also meet the realistic needs of the animation consumer groups.

In “Alita: Battle Angel”, from the eyes of Alita to the full details of her action, can be said to be really realistic, you can feel that the character is really alive! I was also impressed by the advanced CG technology.

This is where CG technology has been perfected.

I think a film brings us more than just visual and spiritual enjoyment, it’s more about being able to show something. I saw the potential of technology in the film, not just CG, like the artificial organs in the film and all the parts, if it can really be used in reality, without the ethical issues involved in it, I think it is a fortune for many patients.

Of course, the application of CG technology is not limited to the simulation of animation, it can be said to open the design of a skylight, imagine using the CG technology to reproduce the historical picture, rewrite the way textbooks spread, and so on, improve the efficiency and fun of education, learning and so on, thus, advanced technologies such as CG technology do have a lot of value.


Is justice still necessary to be upheld?

The main character Alita has a traditional female hero image, one of the most profound quotes is: “I do not standby in the presence of evil!”

Yes, the image of Alita’s integrity has completely attracted me, and while the eyes of justice, kindness, loyalty and so on are constantly being reshaped, when a person born entirely for justice stands before you, I admit that I have been ignited again.

Justice is never going to be late, and that’s what I’ve always believed.

In this society, each of us will encounter all kinds of things that required justice, such as when you work more than others, but why others can get promoted just because his family owns the business.

You did a good deed but used by the greedy bad guys. But the starting point of justice is ignored just because the law is greater than the emotion ……

We should know that it is not absolutely fair in this world. Although fairness and justice did not befall everyone, I firmly believe that the justice, the good, and evil, now may be bad and wrong, the degree of justice is closing in on life, radiation range is also growing, these are the justice of every different era from the campaign of the cry.

I think this era we have the responsibility to carry on the justice of the predecessors, it is because of the continued germination, this society will continue to reduce the voice of shouting, which is the result of efforts to pursue justice.


Rules the world by class. What else can you do besides ignorance?

Last night, I saw the list of the richest 20 people in the world and the sum of their assets, and then look at my assets, yes-this is the class we are going through. This class has never been a noun, but a verb.

The class is accelerating, and if we do not try to innovate ourselves, we will eventually become prisoners under the class.

The most frightening thing is that the class that rules the world continues to develop the core competitiveness of its own environment, while the ruling class is still a puppet of the class rule because of ignorance.

In the film, because of fear and ignorance, evil rulers can sit in the sky city and watch people’s deaths for fun, and even enter the human mind at any time to control. And people underground are constantly consumed because of ignorance.

If you want to break the class of self-contained, I think the first step is to get out of your own ignorance.

See the world for yourself, open your eyes and see what the world is like, what kind of life, rather than blindly blinded by the heart of the peach blossom.