What does a mature person look like?

What kind of person can be considered mature?

Able to observe and understand the situation, know how to take a step back, not to compete with others, tolerate humiliation, express clearly, sharp eyes … … For such people, we often say that he/she is mature.

In fact, this is not real maturity, but they are more familiar with the human world. When a person becomes sophisticated, he is essentially helpless to his social status, and actively chooses to stifle his own personality

Everyone is born with a strong personality, but for us at the bottom,  it is a luxury to maintain personality.

For example, those that are come from rich families are all very individual. Secular constraints seem to have nothing to do with them, go to the nightclub flirt with ladies, with a proud and public personality, can’t see the kind of courteous manners we have. We will always think that these immature idiots sooner or later will lose their family business, and if we replace them, we will definitely be better than them.

But that’s not the case, and such people are normally arrogant at that age. Once you have enough experience, you will naturally understand the world, and this understanding is without regrets and defects, and it is a complete personality without too much depression, which is completely different from what we understand.

What age should do what, to a certain extent, is a healthy life.

What does a mature person look like?


Our social status can’t support our normal personality, forcing us to “mature” too early.

Not anyone really likes this “maturity”. Young people’s premature “maturity” is by no means a good thing, more like a kind of helplessness. But in order to survive together among the resource-poor underclass, avoid conflicts and contradictions, and seek social recognition, we have to choose to stifle individuality, premature socialization and popularization.

Therefore, the maturity we thought is not real maturity. It can only count as familiar with the world, and most of the truth of the human world can only be truly achieved at the appropriate age.

You teach an underage child to look sharp and talk slowly, steady and powerful. These rely on the accumulated ability of experience, but you have to force him to pretend.

The essence of “worldly” is to suppress one’s own personality, to suppress one’s pain, so as to more in line with everyone’s standards.

Strangely, this “worldly” we are not happy to pursue, many people who have not had much experience, on the urgency to immerse themselves in the success of learning, very active to stifle their own nature. And everyone praised it very much. Those who think they are “mature” are also proud of it.

But what are they proud of? It is just like you stab yourself a few times with a knife, and people are clapping hands, praised you as a brave man, and then deeply honored.

For the interests that should be fought for, the human world tells you to step back, and you give in, and then self-conscious comfort yourself, feel that you are “mature”.

You should have seriously refuted the misunderstanding sands you. Humanity tells you that it is foolish to argue, that you choose to be silent and feel “mature”.

But the truth is, you see the interests taken away by others, endure your inner unpleasantness, but still act as nothing happened.

You’re angry by the rebuttal, you’re pressing your anger in order to meet maturity, and you end up attacking yourself.

No one is hurt except yourself, and you’re immersed in “mature” narcissism. At the most prosperous age of sexuality, emotions, and hormones, it is necessary to make efforts to restrain these instincts and treat such helplessness as maturity, but it is just a fantasy to masturbate in the world of successful people.

True maturity is no longer pursuing the “success” defined by secularism. It’s about knowing what you want, working toward your goals, and working hard.

Only when a person understands who he is, begins to pursue self-realization, and begins to strive to create his own life and meaning, rather than being bound by worldly success, money and the recognition of others.

At this time, no matter his social status, no matter how many assets, no matter what he is doing. They are all called mature.