What do you want to do when you are tired?

I don’t know whether you have such a feeling, Even if you did not do any special or heavy physical or mental work, but, you will experience inexplicable exhaustion.

This exhaustion, as if it is not from the physical. If it’s physical, physical “body fatigue,” then you can stop and give yourself a break by holding down the “pause button” or simply lie down to get yourself to sleep, and when you wake up, you can completely relieve and eliminate fatigue.

But the truth, after you did that, you noticed that you become more tired after you rest, and the more you sleep, the weaker you feel.

I think the reason why humans are more evolved and advanced than animals, most probably because a human has more feeling compared to animals. When this feeling is alive, this high-level animal has the endless vitality of youth!

Every person has their own exhaustion. Sometimes it comes which you noticed, often make people confused. but in fact, all kinds of exhaustion, only we ourselves know its existence.

Therefore, each person’s exhaustion has his/her own coping method.


When I am exhausted, I like to read some easy, no-burden articles and watch some relaxing videos.

These type of contents, read/watch or not, it’s doesn’t harm/cost me anything. The ease brings me is derived from the fact that I can achieve the purest state of mind-look, read/watch whatever I want, give me a feeling of real casual.

The release of the mind, in a state of casual, people can immediately become very relaxed. At the state of relaxation can help my brain to think better.

Therefore, the exhaustion from the heart is because you have too many demands to yourself in real life.

This “demand” after a long time, will become a kind of imprisonment, making people not able to move, so that people forget who they are, in the end, forget why they come to this world or even forget who to live as in this world.

Nowadays, adults can’t find their own value in the adult world. Even the children who are studying at school is also the same! It seems that besides studying, they don’t know what else they can do.

The parents always have more than one requirements for their children, do this, don’t do that. You should only focus on studying because studying is the only right way out. Making sure that everything is following the pages in that black and white.

When they become adults, they forgot who they are, and then bring their children, to the same path of confusion.

One of my classmates, her academic performance is very good, but her parents are still not satisfied, giving her more pressure, and demand for “better”, “better”, “better”. Then, the child is retrograde and no longer goes to school.

In this society, there are more and more children that are like this, not able to experience the fun in learning, parents putting the children as their own tools to achieve the value of life.

“Do not let children lose at the starting line”, this sentence once became a lot of parents of the wisdom of the time, this sentence itself has been implicating, implied that life is the arena, life is the battlefield, and life has lost and win.

Loss and win, the opposing mind-body dualism, the loser is useless, and the winner is the king.