What can we do to calm ourselves down?

Personal growth cannot be stopped by age.

Learning is not misery. It’s like a game, so that we are always full of freshness, in the future, we can have a new feeling.

Each of us repeats the experience of the past every day. Keeping a heart to pursue improvement and take action, let the heart become wider, less confusion, when you experience more, you will learn more, confidence will improve a lot.

Think of myself, in my twenties, what I’m afraid the most is not about not able to eat, not about clothes, not about living in the basement, but it’s the feeling of being empty inside. The storm hit my roof, a big black hole in my heart. It’s a feeling that there’s no way out. That almost destroyed my youth.

Lazy is the most effortless. But the result is the most tiring.

Things change, people come and go, the only one that follows you is your heart.

Keep a spacious heart, worry will be lesser.

This requires a process to slowly loosen the hand that holds it.

When pandering to others becomes a habit, it is equivalent to giving up your own life.

You can’t just go to their standards and give up what you really love because they expect so much from you.

Sometimes I’d rather be silent. Even if the audience is gone.

We come to this world to live our own lives, not to live with the expectations of others.

Add a sweater for yourself when it’s cold. Wear comfortable shoes when going out.

When you get up, drink a cup of warm water and make breakfast.

When you want to eat something, go ahead and eat it.

This world, everyone may leave, you are the one who can accompany you to walk the long journey of life.

So you need to take yourself seriously.

When you value yourself, others will value you.

No matter what happens, don’t stop treating yourself as the most important person.

Take good care of yourself.

stop and think


Not everyone can live their own style, and some people may never think of what the word has to do with themselves.

Experience every feeling of the moment.

Sincere will give you guidance.

Even hedonists need to be real and timely. After such happiness, it is not physically and mentally exhausted.

Taste every moment and live a life of awakening.

Some pain can not be rid of, if must bear, then learn to live in peace with it.

There’s not much you need to do about reducing stress.

Sometimes, you just have to walk out the door and feel the fresh air.

Life, in fact, is every day, we think of everything, when you think of the good, it goes to the good, when you think of the bad, it goes to the bad, this is a magic law that verified after countless people.

A personal habit of thinking also determines his life. If a person accustomed to negative thinking, everything he does is with resentment. He will think badly when anyone says something to him. When everyone looked up to him, he is still wondering: What the hell is going on here?

The world is full of noisiness. Every day of life, there will be impetuous.

Stop and think slowly about how to arrange your life calmly and how to live a simple and clean life.

To achieve such a state, you need a stable and peaceful heart.

Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink, the amount of water will never be enough.

Don’t drink too much at once, take small sips, so that it won’t cause a burden to your body.