We don’t necessarily have to work to earn money.

There are times when we are always worrying about losing our jobs, but the way we make money is not necessarily through finding a new job. Of course, I’m not saying we should quit our job now, we should think about how to find other opportunities.

That is, make money are not necessarily done by looking for a job, you may be able to do so in other ways. How companies were built, it’s because they find a way to make money, they don’t have to work for others, they offer jobs instead.

Sometimes, we are just limited by our own thinking, in fact, we can make money in a lot of ways, if we constantly look around, in fact, we have a lot of different options.

Because I am a white-collar, so naturally, I will be limited by my own thinking, even if I lost this job, I will also want to find a new job, and completely did not consider to work for myself.

Working for others will never make as much as working for oneself, but the risk of doing it is also increased, it is impossible to have a fixed income every month, or even have no income.

Here I just provide one of many ideas. Working for someone else is just a gesture to make money, and we can have other options.

work for others


Your ability determines the way out, and if you have a chance to make money yourself, then you don’t have to work. It’s like, if you’re in a first-tier city and you have several suites in your hand for rent, you don’t have to work. If you open a shop online, you received a lot of orders from customers, you can don’t need to work for others. If you buy a stock, you can make hundreds of thousands of a year and you don’t have to work.

If you have such a way out, you can totally don’t have to work for someone else. Yes, Working for others is just a gesture to make money. On weekdays, we should seek more other opportunities, because the job is given to you by others, you will be very passive, if one day, for whatever reason, your ability did not match your position, you will always lose your job.

If we have our own career, then we will be very solid, of course, we still have to maintain a sustained profit. Why do most people choose to work because jobs are relatively stable and why people prefer civil servants because it is more stable than ordinary jobs. If the risk and income are proportional, the greater the risk, the higher the income.

If you dare to take risks and you have the ability to take risks, then you can start your own business, and if you succeed, it will be all yours.

In short, if you have the ability, you don’t have to work for others.