We are used to spending time on things that are not important

I used to think that I have a lot of things to do, spending time on reading books, writing, drawing, learn to play piano, learn to manage money, go out for a walk, accompany family, live a better life. But there is no time to do it, every day after work, there is no time to do these things.

So, although there is some regret, it is not so painful, because I have a reasonable reason: I don’t have the time.

I don’t know am I really have no time, or just my own excuse, in short, “no time” has become the excuse for the things that I wanted to do but did not do.

Then, feel comfortable to continue my previous life, although occasionally have some thought, but it always just a thought, and then back into the “busy” life.

Yes, I always thought I was busy. Busy at work, busy after work, and even feel that sometimes I don’t know what I’m busy for, I have no time to think alone, no quiet time to read, no suitable event to do my favorite things.

Busy, but there is no result from that busy. Work still the same, no progress on ability, hobbies have not developed, life is still the same. So, sometimes I will ask myself: What am I up to? Where’s all the time?

But before I could figure it out, I continue to be “busy”.

spending time


I always feel that there is no time, so I did not do the things I want to do. But when I really calm myself down, thinking back, am I really that busy? Every day from 5:30 A.M. to 11:00 P.M, 17.5 hours. Eat 3 hours, 1 hour on the road, lunch break for 1 hour, write for 1.5 hours, clean up 1 hour, and remains 10 hours. The real full working hours are averaged up to 5 hours every day and remain 5 hours. So where did the remaining 5 hours go?

There are many excuses, such as working hours can’t do anything else, do meaningless things every day and so on.

If you want to make excuses, you can always find them. If you just want to appease yourself through excuses, don’t regret and suffer, because there are already “reasonable excuses” and it’s good to be calm. Those things that don’t have time to do, don’t do it, and those time that gone missing, just use ‘busy’ as the excuse. Why add extra burdens and confusion to yourself and say you’re busy while saying you haven’t done anything?

So, where did all that time go? News, entertainment, chats, videos, novels, gossip. A lot of times, we’re not too clear about where our time is specific or what we’re going to care about.

Just a word can solve the problem, but also excuse ourselves, just because “we feel that we don’t have time.”

How come there’s no time? Everyone has the same 24 hours a day, so why you don’t have time? There are people who are really busy, but certainly, not everyone is busy. Time will not disappear for no reason, will only inadvertently slip away. And those slip away time, also divided into a “busy” time.

So, I always feel busy, but I don’t actually do anything.

I always think that I will just wait for a day when I have time, I will do something meaningful. After work at night, I feel that I have no time; resting during weekend rest, I feel that I have no time.

So I have not had time to do those meaningful things, no time to learn, no time to read, no time to expand my interests.

Am I sure I don’t have the time? When will I have the time? Be unfettered, arrange by myself, don’t have to work, don’t have to consider other things? Then why haven’t you done anything during weekends? Then why don’t do what you want to do, and look “busy”, but still do nothing?

In fact, I understand that it’s not that I don’t have time to do, it’s just that I didn’t do.

Before I do it, I will say I don’t have time, and then spend my time on things that take time, such as watching the news, gossip, videos, chatting.

It is not that there is no time to do what I want to do and what I should do, but that I have habitually spent my time on other things, those that are casual, comfortable, that bring a sense of timeliness, and put all my attention on them.