Use psychology to root out cyberbullying

In the past few years, a lot of celebrities found dead in their houses. Behind those deaths are mostly caused by cyberbullying. What happens behind the celebrity’s glitzy life?

Cyberbullying? Threat? Infringing? We do not know the details, but when an artist committed suicide, the first to be pushed to the forefront is cyberbullying.

In the modern society where the Internet is developed, freedom of speech is easier to achieve. And we tend to such a phenomenon when a person’s behavior is a little unreasonable, there will be someone attacking that person with words.

When there is one person leading, there will be more people behind to attack this, and many of these people may not understand the truth, just blind followers. So under the influence, become unmanageable, and might even lead to suicide.

There is such a saying, “For want of a nail, the shoe was lost; For want of the shoe, the horse was lost; For want of the horse, the rider was lost; For want of the rider, the battle was lost; For want of the battle, the kingdom was lost; And all from the want of a horseshoe nail.” From this, we can see that sometimes a very small thing, through continuous evolution and expansion, can even affect the future survival.

Some time ago, a friend told me that something like this happened to his company. His company is a small start-up, plus the boss, 7 people. Everyone is very capable, one person can do several people’s tasks. But not long ago, the boss suddenly arranged for his nephew to be in the company. In the beginning, they communicate with each other, learn from each other, the atmosphere is very good.

But then the boss’s nephew began to rely on the boss’s relative relationship, do not work properly. Even openly playing games and watching videos at his table, the task assigned was done carelessly, but every time when the boss comes, he pretends to be diligent and dedicated. So the boss did not notice and he was not punished in a timely manner.

Later, everyone in the office feels that this state is very good, they collectively followed up. Soon the company became a piece of loose sand. Everyone pulls the gang, deceives the boss, only takes the salary but doesn’t work. In such an atmosphere, soon the company has no place in the industry, had to declare closure. These employees also collectively unemployed, need to find new jobs.

In fact, this phenomenon is psychology is called: “broken windows theory”, but what is the broken windows theory? This comes from the psychologist Philip Zimbardo, who once did a famous experiment.

The experiment is that he uses two cars, one parked in a middle-class neighborhood, one parked in a cluttered neighborhood. He first removes the license plate and the roof for the car in the cluttered neighborhood. And leave the other car untreated.

As a result, the car, which was parked in a cluttered area, was stolen that day, while the car in the middle-class neighborhood remained unattended. Later, Zimbardo knocked a few holes in the car’s window that parked in the middle-class neighborhood, and in the end, the car was gone.



This is the broken windows theory often used in criminal psychology. Simply put, if bad phenomena are allowed to exist, others will follow, and will become even worse, causing more trouble and loss.

And cyberbullying, precisely because of the first perpetrator, broke the window of public opinion. Because there is no timely repair, a large number of blind imitators, until the end result of “xxx got depression and commit suicide because of cyberbullying”.

Not only that, but we also see the broken windows theory everywhere in our lives. For example: If you go to a friend’s house, you see her home clean and tidy layout, as clean as new. When you want to smoke, you will certainly ask your friend for an ashtray, for not getting your friend’s house dirty. However, if your friend’s house is already dirty, you will surely hit the soot on the floor.

The broken windows theory is everywhere, if not dealt with in a timely manner, it will lead to a big problem. So can we not do anything about the broken window?

The answer is no. To deal with the harm of the broken window theory, just do the following:

1. Do your best and try not to make mistakes. For example: when you meet customers, you dress well, enough material preparation, professional politeness. Others will recognize you in various places, and when they talk about you, they will give you a thumbs up. On the contrary, if you’re shy, speechless, and unpolite, that’s sure to be another result.

2. As a manager, punish the first “broken window” in time. One of my friends applied this to his class. When there is a student making trouble in his class, if not stopped in time, there will be several following him. So, my friend, all of whom only punish the first naughty student.

When you make a mistake, reflect on your mistakes in time. Perhaps when facing a big environment, there is no way to change others. But we can manage ourselves, do not blindly follow others, do not be that one who “broken the window”. Correspondingly, if each of us can do this, the world may reduce some unnecessary cyberbullying and campus bullying.

To sum up briefly, a small “scar” can also evolve into a huge “wound”, and if not remedied in time, the situation will get worse. Whether in the management of enterprises in life or in criminal acts, broken window theory has a great impact. And the broken window theory is not unchangeable, as long as we try to do, strict self-discipline, timely reflection, and do not blindly follow others.