Understanding depression from the perspective of the body and mind

Looking at depression from the perspective of the body and mind, 30% of people with depressive symptoms are genetically inherited, and the remaining 70% are self-induced.

If you can bring depression into your life, it means you can produce a lot of emotions and ideas, just that these things go in the wrong direction and they are fighting you rather than serving you.

Everyone will have depression, while most people will heal in a few days, but why are there some people who have been in the space of depression and unable to heal?

In fact, normal and depression are just a line different, that is, a person can easily become unhappy from normal, can also become normal from unhappy, back and forth on this line.

When you walk back and forth every day, suddenly one day, you find yourself not coming back, that is, suffering from depression. For example, you take 10 minutes a day to be very focused and very hard to hate a person, soon, your mind will lose balance, and then suffer from depression. (Don’t try indiscriminately, the consequences are conceited.)


So, why would someone go over that line?

That is because the wrong concept was embedded in the subconscious as a child.

You may not agree, but in fact, many people’s subconscious mind will think that sickness is a great thing. Do you remember when we were sick as a kid? Our parents will be very nervous, will take time off to accompany us to see a doctor, take care of us.

We don’t have to go to school, don’t have to do homework, can watch cartoons the whole day. Sounds happy, doesn’t it? Yes, the subconscious tied these wonderful treatments and illness together. That’s why many children crave to get sick. (It sounds dark, but please don’t judge the subconscious with reason.)

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried, and you will feel particularly uncomfortable when you’re trying to escape something. For example, you are going on stage for a speech, but you don’t have the confidence, don’t want to go, your throat will start inflaming, giving you an excuse for not to go.

The exam is tomorrow, but you are not ready, your head started to hurt, having a fever. But when you have something very important to do, you’re not going to get sick. Because you know, you cannot be sick, this time, even if you live with the very sick person, you will be healthy, even if you did not exercise, your resistance is also very good. But when the task is over, when you think you’re going to take a break, you will get sick right away.

That is the body that helps you fulfill your wishes, if you are sick, you don’t have to go to work, you can have a good rest.

How was the sick raised? When you don’t want to work every day, the weather is bad today and wake up and lie back in bed. Yesterday late to sleep, today don’t want to get up, wake up and lie back.

Several times later, your subconscious knows that you don’t want to get up, then your brain notifies your body and tells the body to keep you from getting up. Then, you learn to let yourself to get sick just to rest, and you can lie in bed.

The power of the subconscious is huge, what you want, it will help you to complete, but it does not necessarily achieve the goal through the way you think.


I grew up with a weak body, I often get sick, and because of this, my mother care for me more. It wasn’t until I get into college and lived alone and once got sick, it was a terrible memory.

Having a terrible pain in the bed, can’t sleep well, there are no other people in the house other than me. When hungry, do not want to eat takeaway, have to cook myself. Open the refrigerator, there is nothing in it, I have to find some dry food to fill the stomach. But from then on, I rarely got sick again.

Because getting sick is really too scary and pathetic.

Therefore, when a child is ill, he/she must not be allowed to have a rewarding treatment, but let he/she knows that illness is a very painful and uncomfortable moment.

We should reward good health so that our subconscious desires to be healthy and unwilling to get sick.

As a child learned to be physically ill, after growing up, know how to make emotional illness. As a child, getting sick will have a lot of people’s attention. Growing up, after marriage, if you are not happy, you will also want to get the attention of the other half.

Crossed that line again and again, and suddenly one day you might not be able to come back.