Travel that planned at 18, now at 25 still haven’t started yet

I don’t know when I’ve had the idea of wanting to travel across the country. I always wanted to go on a trip whenever I want. I believe most of you will have such a thought too.

When I was 18 years old, I suddenly have this idea to travel around the world. At that time, after graduating, just want to find a job, earn money, and use that money on the travel to see the great world.

But then it turned out that my idea was childish because my money I saved was never enough. So for more than two years, I did not save any money at all, also did not start my travel plan.

And my biggest excuse is not enough money!

And then my salary increased, and able to save some money, but my money is still not used for travel because I still need a lot of things, more important than travel. I want to earn money to buy a house, buy a car, repay debt. Slowly, started to afraid to go out, scared will spend more money.


To put it bluntly, the money is never enough, not only the money is not enough, the time is not enough. I will start to panic if I am going on a trip that takes at least one month to two months and doesn’t earn money.

Besides, which company allow you to take leave for more than a month? Even my current capital also doesn’t allow me to resign! So the travel plan delay once again.

Now I’m already 25 years old, my travel plans slowly covered by dust, everywhere need to spend money, high pressure, don’t have the time to think about travel. Life is full of work and earns money.

Travel has become a luxury. When I was young, I had time and no money, and now, I have no money and no time. It’s ridiculous to think about it!

Travel around the world is always on my plans, and I don’t know when that day will come to fulfill my dream. Some dreams, if you don’t take action at that time, you might not have the chance in the future.


I’m 25 years old, other than Thailand, I have not been to any other country before, and that trip was my family vacation. The world is so big, but I shrink in a small corner.

I want to see this beautiful world, but was imprisoned here by the shackles of reality, not to able to move half a step, because there are many things I need to do, it is more important than travel.

The dream of travel around the world had become an immature delusion.

But I believe one day I will achieve it, the dusty dream in my heart, it is also common aspiration freedom that each of us yearning for.

Go wherever you want to go, meet the people you want to meet, isn’t it the most enjoyable thing in the world?

So if you read until this point, do you have anything you want to do but haven’t done yet?