Travel is an antidote to escape from a weary life

It’s the end of the short holiday, both the students and the office workers continued to return to their normal life, began to live a “compulsory” life, forced to sit in the same place, forced to get along with the same people, and even forced to engage in a “sense”, “sense of accomplishment”, “interest” with unlimited twists and turns.

Daily life is always extremely monotonous, every day constantly repeating the few same things, almost same place for lunch every week, the scenery is nothing but the familiar roads, and even every morning waiting at the same subway door, the same corner.

This humble, repetitive experience are squeezing us into flat pieces of paper, eroding, suppressing and even killing our sensory experience of everyday life, without a sense of fullness.

If one day turns a corner, embark on a new road, will always produce a very obvious feeling. This feeling is strong, perhaps because there are too few opportunities to stimulate this feeling.

The life of modern people is monotonous but complicated.

When we doing something, no matter what it is, it’s not just about doing it, it has a lot of things that are free from the thing of work itself, but we have to deal with it, so we become very tired.

To what extent is our complex life today?


There may be two people looking very friendly on their face, talking and laughing, they might talk about each other’s bad behind their back. And when involved in the future, interests, responsibilities, the real face that has been hidden will be more or less exposed.

Since I worked, I have heard people say tired, body tired and mind tired, including myself, more than once. This kind of tiredness, tired in the complexity of things and far away above.

A few years ago, I was a complete idealist, want to live my life as simple as possible, gradually, I  found that this “ideal” is just a soap bubble, and I mistakenly think of soap bubble as life itself.

People trapped in some sort of fixed pace of life are probably looking forward to traveling, once they have more than two days of the resting day, they quickly incarnate into a runaway Mustang, go to unfamiliar places, from their own boring place to other people’s boring place.

Travel, for the breathless commuters who are working under pressure, it is like a cool drink when they are thirsty, and it is an incredibly grand feast for the senses.

Finally, these eyes can see less familiar scenery, not so familiar building, not so familiar with everything.

Because of the Labor Day holiday, according to the travel platform, it shows that the ticket search volume rose sharply, international Route ticket search volume reached 10 times more than the past.

Behind the crazy data is people’s crazy desire for holiday travel.

Travel is necessary, the stimulation of the new environment is necessary, and the new touch is also necessary.

We need to catch our breath, we need fantasies, we need something outside of the trajectory so that we don’t get completely caught up in the whirlpool of life.


I still remember when I went for mountain climbing, I feel exhausted, and the mountain is too high and feel like can’t reach the top, and silently vowed never to come here again.

But on any trip, there is always unavoidable tiredness.

When everything is over, and when we look back, we will experience full, fresh, and contented, more than exhaustion.

Most of life, in fact, is a torment that has no plot. Day after day, we work, study, wait for the next holiday to come, and meet the next unfamiliar place.

Maybe someone will be very negative: We can’t get out from our track of life, what’s the point of a brief escape?

In fact, the strength and money we accumulate in the track of life are for this short escape, are for this blink of an instant “escape moment”. It is an antidote for our uneventful and lack of miracles of daily life.

Time goes by, people began to learn to explore people and things from multiple sides, accept the boredom and complexity of life, accept the unspeakable people and things, and travel is a buffer when people can not go on, is a gas station.

When we come back from the trip, we are full of fuel, as if we had never been ill.

In this age of attention scarcity, too many people like to consume “sadness”, like to move those heavy to the platform and called it life itself.

So we all need an escape.

There are many ways to escape our complex life, some sleep lazily for half a day, watch favorite movie or documentary, eat delicious food, or even do nothing, just listen quietly to a four or five-minute song.

And the tiring three days and two nights of travel are the loudest one.

I have asked a lot of people who traveled, they talked about tiring, annoyance and so on, but in the end, they always summed up with a sentence: But on the whole, it is still very full and satisfied, because is it short, we should cherish, and look forward to the next trip.

You see, it’s always good to get rid of it in part and escape in part.

We live in this life, aren’t we just get this small satisfaction?

This diaphragm, this dipping is actually a kind of travel protection, like a cake you like, always have a small bite, so that you won’t forget it.



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