Those you envy may also be envious of you

Maybe you’ve had this experience too, troubled with problems in life, trapped in a life box, seeing friends in social media living in a carefree life;

Encounter setbacks at work, low mood, seeing other people’s is always full of energy;

Having a bad relationship with boyfriend/girlfriend, lamenting about the bad of human nature, seeing others sharing their happy family photos.

So we often think that the world is indeed quite good, just that we are the only unlucky person in the world.

But we overlook that not everyone pours all their misfortunes into their social media, and what we see is just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, everyone will encounter the dilemma that no one knows, will have sadness that can’t tell, those you envy may also be envious of you.

My cousin, because of pregnancy, she decided to leave without pay, concentrate on raising her baby.

After the birth of the baby, because the baby is still young, no one in the family can help to take care of the baby, seeing that she must go back to work after the end of maternity leave, so she has to bear the pain of quitting the job that has potential future, and concentrate on taking care of the baby at home.

A few years have passed, facing the economic pressure, she wanted to start working again.

However, because of limited work experience from the previous job, and the child is involved, it is much more difficult to find a suitable job.

So she would often say that “I really envy a friend of mine, she was admitted to the institution, working in a relaxed environment, good income, if I had the same job as she has now, it will not be so difficult.”

And her friend knew about her envious of her, she can’t help but tell my cousin, “Do you think I’m doing well? You only see a part of me, in fact, I have tons of helplessness in my heart that I can’t say. I got married earlier than you, and I had my first baby long before you were pregnant, but unfortunately miscarried. I have to give up my second child because the child had congenital problems. Now I dream of being like you, having a child around, but it’s hard.”

Facing all of these, both of them can not help but sigh, no one life is perfect, I envy you, but you also envy me.



In each other’s eyes, each other has been happier than them, and only their own deep experience, the hardship is difficult to tell others.

Many people say that the world is not fair.

But it has to be admitted that, in many cases, the world is fair.

Life will give you some good, but it must also require you to bear the corresponding degree of bad.

Happiness and unhappiness can sometimes be converted into each other. Because happy people, often sees the beauty in life, unhappy people, often see dissatisfaction in life. It’s all about mentality.

No one’s life is easy, rather than focus on the beauty of others, making yourself depressed, it is better to cherish what you have, and then strive for the good life you envy.

Even if you can not get it, it’s fine, after all, what we have, others don’t necessarily have.

We don’t have to force ourselves to be happy with what others have and mourn what we don’t have. We don’t need to envy anyone, look at the present, be good at ourselves, to get real happiness.

I saw such an article on the Internet, 

My jealousy seems to be inherently stronger than others.

I’m jealous of those who have better family circumstances than me, earn more than me, younger and more talented than me, look better than me. I even think every day: I’d be happy if I were them…

For a long time, I wanted to be anyone but myself.

In fact, having such an idea is not difficult to understand, after all, who doesn’t want to have a rich family, success in career.

But the reality is cruel, all the benefits can not be taken by the same person, even if there is, the chances for us to be that person is really low.

So we often wander back and forth between envy others and aversion to ourselves.

The more envious we are, the more we want to compare with others, and the more we are tired and abandoning ourselves, the less happy we are.

There is such a story, A parrot in the cage is at ease, and the crow in the wild is free. So the parrot envies the crow freedom, the crow envy the parrot comfort, the two birds then negotiate the exchange.

The crow is comfortable, but rarely get the master rejoices, and eventually dies of depression; the parrot is free, but after long-term comfort, it cannot survive independently, and eventually died of hunger.

We should not blindly envy the lives of others.

It is true that envy others excellent is human nature, to some extent, such a state of mind has a positive role, can inspire people to progress.

But once envy turns into jealousy, it will only do a hundred harm to yourself and not be beneficial.

envy 2


Some of the life you envy, looking at it perhaps beautiful, but it might not suit us; Our own life may not be perfect, but it must be the best for us.

In other words, no matter how good are other life, it does not belong to you.

The only thing we can do is for those who can not have it now, but it is still possible to achieve, double our efforts to let us own it tomorrow;

Second, although envy, but we won’t be able to get, let go of the excessive comparison, let go of yourself, live your life well is the best thing for you.

When you envy others, remember that even if you want to be someone else, you will eventually still be you. The premise of being someone else is always to be yourself first.

You envy others, others may be envious of you. No matter what kind of life, whatever suits you is the best for you.

When we were young, we might feel like we could do anything.

After we grow up, only to find that a lot of times, we can’t do anything;

But growing up is a process of getting to know yourself.

We gradually accepting that we are only ordinary people, and gradually learn to face the reality and ideals of the difference.

In the process, we may focus on others, envy others’ strengths, or jealous, or even comparison.

But one day, you will find that they also have their own helplessness, they also have someone they envy.

People are born ordinary, we do not need to feel sorry for our imperfection. On the contrary, we should accept this matter and pay more attention to ourselves.

After all, the person you envy must also envy others, and someone might also envy your life that you are tired of.

Many times, we don’t have to worry about ourselves for imperfections at all. Because, those you envy, may also envy you.