This learning method allows you to quickly become an expert in any field.

“If a person has no knowledge, it is like a zombie. “

“The acquisition of knowledge is always of use to the intellect, because it may thus drive out useless things and retain the good” Da Vinci said.

From an early age, we understand a truth: “Knowledge is power.” “Now I think it’s true because it gives me a deep sense of the seriousness of my lack of knowledge.”

But there is so much knowledge in the world that we can’t learn it all our lives. Even if you can say that you have learned a lot of knowledge, but can you guarantee you will remember everything? Isn’t the purpose of our study is to let the knowledge to be applied to our lives and to change our lives with knowledge?

However, knowing is one thing, applying it to life is another thing. When I began to worry at some point, I found myself not only empty, but also messed up, like a bunch of cables entangled with each other, and I couldn’t figure it out. This to me, like my body, is sending a warning signal: your knowledge is not enough, please charge it in time.

At this point, I usually choose something and start the so-called learning. In fact, it is self-deception at all. In the long-term state of learning, I found what I lack the most is my ability to learn, like a “powder puff”, not practical in reality.

What can I do? Knowledge stands in that pride. I want to climb the peak of knowledge. If there is a learning method now, you can quickly become an expert in any field. Do you believe it? As far as I know, I can only believe with half-faith, and then taste the methods used for me. Anyway, I’m willing to share my little ignorance with my weak sense of knowledge. Of course, also in order to test whether I have mastered the learning method.

Do you remember all the knowledge you have learned?


First of all, stand on the shoulders of giants.

In any field, there are some people who deserve admiration and want to be like them, and these people are the most aggressive people in that field. Of course, giants don’t just mean people.

For example, I want to learn to be a YouTuber, I go to various platforms to search for video-making skills, watch a lot of other YouTuber contents… These are my ways to find giants.

The second is entropy reduction: classified thinking and systematic thinking.

This is to bring confusing knowledge to order, thereby enhancing our intelligence for our use. For example, a book, very confusing, through your own classification to reorganize, form a pyramid-type orderly knowledge, this is the use of entropy reduction.

Classified thinking is the classification of knowledge. When you are learning something, you have to do knowledge classification while learning.

systematic thinking: And finally put all knowledge in a mind map, thus forming complete systematic thinking.

It’s like the branches and leaves in the knowledge tree, indispensable.

The third is to fill the gap. Teach what you have learned to others.

The meaning of teaching can help you to fill the gaps. What can be said means that you have internalized, and what is left is that you need to relearn.

How to teach someone else? For you, the first is the friends around, if your friends can understand, that it is a good effect. Then there’s writing, which is the most respected learning method. This will be more appropriate for you, don’t be afraid of being laughed at. But when one day you look back and you see that your cognition has improved, and that’s already enough.

The fourth is dynamic learning and deliberate practice. That is action thinking.

There are two things in action thinking, one called dynamic learning and one called deliberate practice.

And our learning style is divided into two kinds, one is static, such as at the moment you are looking at the learning method I share, and the other is dynamic, such as after learning, using this learning method for learning. “Knowing is not enough, it must be used.”

The big knowledge is only to supplement your static level of knowledge, but the dynamic level of knowledge, only when you take action then you only know what to do about it.

In fact, almost all of our learning requires learning, and then take action, as the action is essential.

Then the next is the deliberate practice, we need to always keep ourselves in a learning zone.

What is a learning zone? The learning zone is between the comfort zone and the pain zone, stay in the comfort zone you will not grow, in the pain zone, once you can not achieve what you want, you will produce frustration, resulting in persevering, and finally choose to give up. It’s not worth it. So, the best way is to stay in the learning zone, always keep small progress, a small bit is good enough.

And finally, the first principle.

This is to explore knowledge, in order to prove that a knowledge point has more knowledge than we are unexpected.

We have to keep learning the nature of things, and then continue to sink, until we reach the bottom, that thing is the essence of things, that is, the first principle.