This is the most realistic relationship

What is the most realistic relationship? If you give someone a dollar a day, as long as you stop one day, he/she will hate you. If he/she were given a slap every day, he/she would kneel for a slap as long as he/she didn’t get a slap for a day.

When the manager gives you a project, your colleague is psychologically unbalanced, often spreading negativity. You forward an article in the group, the manager knew without your intention of letting him know, the manager then asks others to learn from you, forwards it every week, other colleagues started to complain about you…

Sincerity without a strategy would always end up with frustration.

Human nature is the same, so is life, so is the realistic relationship. Don’t say it’s cruel, it’s just the reality.

Don’t give everything to someone you just met, to you, he is a friend, but to him, you might be just an unobstructed fool.

When you help him when he needs you, to you, this is what a friend should do, to him, you are useful when you can help; when you are useless, he will blame you when things went wrong.

Not everyone in this world is a friend, only one or two persons who worth your everything.

This is the most realistic relationship


People are actually very simple, but the heart between heart is very complex, make a friend with a gentleman, will benefit you for a lifetime; make friends with a snob will leave you in a quagmire.

Learn to stay away from the people who benefit from profit because such people are selfish and only consider for themselves; Learn to differentiate people who play a double game because such a person will sell you out without you noticing.

People who love to play smart, show love everywhere is the easiest to annoy people, and really smart people can effectively use their own intelligence and wisdom, so as to play a double effect.

People who are really talented will not overly-show off their talents, and will not be complacent because they have capital, they always constantly seek out the unknown territory, and constantly improve themselves. Once complacent there is no momentum to move forward, so it is inevitable to stop, and ultimately mediocrity.

People get along with each other, equal love so that you will have the bottom line, learn to protect yourself so that you have dignity.

You are not the superman who saved the world. If you always think about others, who think for you? Always be kind to help people, but who will really help you?

Leave your heart to those who care about you;