This is not the life I want

In this fast-paced life, the people around us are constantly finding more things to do for themselves, afraid of one mistake and got left behind by the world.

Seeing all the social media sharing about all the benefits of starting own business, be a content creator is better than working for others, even if we are not interested, seeing our current condition, we will also suddenly gain interest.

This makes us want to work even harder, afraid to miss any opportunity to learn and progress. However, there is a sound that will often come out, said: “This is not the life I want.” “I don’t know what kind of life I should live.”

What kind of life should a person live?

In fact, everyone should have a unique answer. And the best thing we should do is to maintain the answer and implement it.

Before we run, please don’t worry and think about your answer.

A person by doing the things he/she loves, he/she can find his/her own sense of existence and the meaning of life.

All the confusion, smallness, fear of the flow of anxiety, only when facing this sense of existence and meaning, can disappear.

In the American sitcom “Friends”, Ross has a choice problem. Two girls like him at the same time, Rachel, who was his close friend, and Julie, a beautiful and intelligent woman.

Encouraged by his friends, he made a pros and cons list of Rachel and Julie, listing the strengths and weaknesses of the two people…

Julie, gentle and beautiful and good to him; Rachel, the vain rich woman who doesn’t have a common language and has a thick ankle (the last one is seen as a capital offense) …

What’s worst is that this list was accidentally seen by Rachel at the end.

But at the end of the story, Ross and Rachel are together, because Rachel saw only one of Julie’s cons:

“She’s not Rachel.”

Have you ever been in a situation like this?

Other people say “good/perfect” career or life choice, and you don’t have to choose it because “She’s not Rachel” – this is your personal values behind it.


What’s more important than how to choose, is finding what exactly you want, focus, put your heart into it, your life will be full of infinite fun and beauty.

Maybe a lot of people will say, it is easy to talk about, but I don’t know what I want!

There may be people will say, it’s not realistic at all, if you never experience it before, how do you know what you want. Like love, you are afraid of inappropriate, afraid of breaking up, so you simply do not start. But if you do not try, how do you know that that person is not for you, if you do not try, how do you know what you want?

Yes, we have to try, we have to keep trying, but it needs to be built on our thinking and reflection, and if you’re willing to spend a lifetime trying, why don’t you think about it before every attempt? After trying and analyzing why did you finally give up this preferred choice?

Every opportunity, every attempt, we need to pay all the effort and time, and our maturity is our full responsibility to our every choice!

When we learn to take full responsibility for ourselves, you will slowly touch your heart and find the ABCDE that you really want, rather than the standard ABCDE given by others.

Because when you give a question, whether it is online google Q&A, Quora Q&A, or friends around you, they will certainly give you a lot of advice and reference, but they all have a subtext that they never mentioned: “If I were you”. But in fact, they can never be you.

Remember, no one is you, no one has been to your life, you are you, you need to take full responsibility for yourself.

life i want


So how can you take full responsibility for yourself?

You have to have your own ability to think independently.

If you don’t have the ability to think seriously for yourself independently, you simply can’t find what you like or love, and you can’t turn your mind into your actions. Then, of course, you can only worry about the flow.

Some people, at their thirty, have never thought well about their lives, never had a conversation with their own hearts, ask their own soul how it feels, and what it wants.

For example, when you ask yourself whether I’m going to continue study or look for a job, don’t look around and forget about the public articles about the grimness of employment or the meaninglessness of the study.

Start by asking yourself, if you continue your study, you will have an additional two or three years of study time, so what do you really want to learn? Do you want to do get into the field you learned in the future?

If you plan to look for a job, are you mentally prepared? Do you have a passion for work?

What kind of job makes you feel passionate and longing, and is that vision is enough to offset the hard work you might be paid a little and hard?

Having this inner conversation, your answers are far more important than most people’s choices, other people’s truths, and all the opinion articles you read.

Remember, each of us is unique, irreplaceable, you do not have to copy the lives of others, find your own life path, take full responsibility for yourself, and find that love in your heart, put all patience, continue to do firmly, that is your best existence, and also your best life.