Things you must know at age of 20

The youth that born in 1995 will become the mainstay of society. Young people who are just started working, perhaps temporarily unable to adapt to the work environment, trapped in the self-awareness and unable to advance.


1. Empty cup mentality

When you learn things with an empty cup mentality, you will learn more.
If you always feel that you already know a lot, the learning process of absorbing knowledge will be limited, not conducive to self-development.

After the graduation, John got his family support to start his own air-conditioning business. Because he never had the experience of sales and did not learn business theory, when he just started, he was particularly helpless and do not know how to start.

One day, John met an experienced entrepreneur, he then realised that his knowledge of the industry is just a drop in the bucket.

John decided to learn from the experienced entrepreneur, insist on a weekly appointment with the big guy once, and learn the industry status analysis.

Seeing John’s sincerity, the big guy gradually established long-term contact with John, introduced him to many businesses, and teaches John about business model. Soon, two companies merged, John, become the regional manager.

With an empty cup mentality, you will reap more.


2. Benign competition stimulates potential

No one is perfect; this benign competition can inspire each other’s potential.

Competition helps to learn from each others’ advantages, and know your own weaknesses; this will make you more and more excellent.

In a benign competition, you will find yourself differently.

Mary and Jane are a general manager’s assistant, both of them usually help their manager do some business arrangements and other chores.

Jane was outgoing, careless, often forget to remind the general manager of important matters because of carelessness.

And Mary will record everything the manager said in the notebook, and input into the mobile phone calendar. Every day before work, she will prepare things needed to be done to the manager.

After a long time, the general manager will always give important things to Mary, and this make Jane jealous, and trying her best to express herself in work.

And Mary focused on her work, but also learn the advantages of others, do better next time.

After one year of work, the manager transferred Jane to other positions, and keep Mary around as his assistant.

In a benign competition, having a good mentality will get more resources.


3. Knowledge as action

Many young people learn many theories in their spare time, but if they are not applied in practice, all learning is meaningless.

Harry has enrolled in MBA in his spare time; he wants to get more contacts and learn business theory so that this will help him in the future.

But in addition to the understanding of some commercial bosses, Harry found that he did not have the opportunity to use the theory in real life.

If Harry mentions some theories on weekdays, it will attract colleagues to scoff.

Because they did not find how many of these theories helped Harry, nor did it bring much profit to the team.

They think that Harry only arms himself with the theory, but there is no practical application, Harry is just in the stink.

Harry himself also thinks that he has no practical application, it is useless to know these theories.

It is important to study in the spare time, but it is more important to apply the theory of study to the practical work.

What do you think is the most necessary attitude when you first enter the workplace?