These are the reasons why a minority of people doesn’t take any action when they want to start a business

Many people want to start a business, but they only have the thought, never take any action, why is that?


For example, fear of difficulties, a little bit of a small situation can frighten themselves back, in fact, the more difficulties you overcome, the further you can go.

For example, fear of tiredness, a little bit of extra work makes oneself escape, then there is no effortless thing in the world. Or afraid of losing, some achievements are in exchange for some costs, how can you conclude that you will lose before you start? How do you worth the return without paying? And when facing new things, curious and skeptical, worry about it and delayed some times, hesitant until the opportunity is missed.

Worry too much, lack of courage and guts, only dare to think and dare to do can reap the fruits of success.

Inferiority and complaining

Always think that they won’t be able to succeed, often limiting themselves and find many defects to persuade themselves to give up.

In fact, no self-confidence is the biggest flaw, not even willing to give themselves the opportunity to work for it, always think that other people’s conditions are good, their success is also taken for granted, often comfort themselves because of objective conditions and external environment led to their own failure.

In fact, a lot of conditions are not the most important, many people who do not have many excellent conditions have been successful. And no capital, no time, no skills, these difficulties can be overcome as long as you find a way.

Can’t see the situation clearly

You do not know what to choose as your career, you have to understand which career is able to show the value of your life more. Starting a business needs to analyze the industry’s market capacity and industry upward trend, analyze which industries in the past development have been depressed and which industries have prospects for development.

Choosing a product also has to analyze the size of its profit margins to see if it’s worth a lot of energy for it, and boost the core selling point of the product you’re running in order to go long in the competition.


No self-opinion

Other people’s opinions are easy to sway your opinion. You think it’s right. As long as others deny you, you will be indecisive, when others say that it is good, you will also feel good, it is easy to let others sway your judgment and decision.

As long as others say that the road to start a business is not easy, you start to go lightly.


Always delay the tasks that can do now, everything delay and wait until it is necessary to be done. The things that want to do will be delayed with the excuse of it is no the time to do and all sorts of excuses to delay.

Excessive pursuit of stable and comprehensive

Always wait until many people engaged in this line, wait until it is crowded to rest assured that this road is safe. When seen someone failed, will persuade themselves that the road is impassable, always too cautious need others to spoonfeed the step in the detailed explanation. And even with a thorough guide to starting a business, still considering and did not act.

Everything wants others to lead the way and tell their experience, do not want to explore and experience themselves.

Satisfy with current status

There is little determination to succeed, and there is not a strong incentive. No ambition all day, play all day, as long as the day is comfortable will only enjoy not wanting others.

Do not want to take on the challenge, just want to do the task with the lowest difficulties, do not seek to do the best, only want to finish it. As long as earn enough money to meet the overall situation of food, clothing, and shelter and not much worse than everyone is good enough.

He would have wanted to change the situation unless he was so dissatisfied with his situation.

Either someone or something seriously stung his heart, or he felt a crisis or too much wanted to trade success for something like someone else’s approval or marriage, then only before he would want to fight.


Loss of the pursuit of high quality of life

After several failures, several setbacks crushed their confidence, compromise on life, succumb to fate, feel that once the ambition is ridiculous and lamentable, now there is a job can let him satisfy, do not want to learn knowledge to improve themselves, just want to live on the track, from then on life has been in situ circle, abandoned the dream and lost interest.

In order to maintain a low quality of life and all day busy in simple and boring work, there is no effort to do things that are good for self-development, cannot get out of the small stage, can not join the big world to make life value leap.

Starting own business is the wish of many people, put this wish rooted in the heart, someone has taken action to irrigate it so that the wish will blossom; if someone ignored it will casually be dusted in the soil. Wake up your spirit, only by keep trying and look forward to making a difference, you can stand out from the mediocre.

To regain your faith, give up the place that is not much future and wasting a lot of your time and energy, continue to strive for the things worth fighting for and develop your potential as much as possible, you have hope to rise from the abyss and reach the peak of your career!