There’s no shortcut to success

What is success? Everyone has their own answer, but it is difficult to unify. Making progress compared to my past is what I think is a success.

There is no shortcut to success compared to most people. Although there are many factors of success, it contains luck, opportunity, but one thing is the basis of the decision to success – personal efforts.

It’s easy to surpass the yesterday you, and it’s not hard to achieve such success. But how many people can do this for a lifetime?

Some of my friends are doing OK, and they are considered successful in everyone’s eyes. (Because in many people’s minds, whoever makes more money is the winner.)

Looking back at their life trajectory, you will find that their success has a great deal of chance. But, on the contrary, there is its inevitability in this chance.

Maybe it’s their character, maybe it’s their persistence, maybe it’s the result of hard work.

I might not able to reach that height.

When facing success, most of us will only pay attention to its brilliance, as well as envy everything success brings, and ignore the efforts and hardships behind the success.

My friend when starting his business, cheated by his business partner, complained by customer, at that time, he also wanted to give up, and finally gritted his teeth and persist, because he has no retreat. In order to accompany customers, every month he needs to drink a lot. 

 My other friend, although an employee, but his annual salary is more than RM120,000 is considered quite high. After graduated for more than ten years, his learning can be said to never stop and never relaxed. In his words: “If I can’t find something to do, I will panic, and feel insecure.” 

There is no success that can get at ease in this world, without effort as the foundation, want to succeed is not an easy task.

I thought it was easy to succeed, and when I work my ass off but still didn’t become successful as I wanted, I realized how superficial and simple my original idea was.

I think about success too easily, and also treat effort and persistent too simple.

 If success is sustained by luck alone, it will not take the long term. All long-term success, the effort is absolute strength, luck only a small part.

 Without sowing the seeds of effort, the fruits of success will not be harvested.

 Effort is the foundation of success.

 Some people might say, “You’re wrong, the choice is the foundation of success.” Choose the wrong choice, will move you away from success. “

 I would like to ask, “If your choice is right, can you succeed if you don’t work hard?” It doesn’t seem to work. “

Good ideas without action are also useless.

We like to take shortcuts, like to use the least amount of effort to get the most, and even want to get the most without effort. It’s extremely dangerous to have such an idea because there’s no shortcut to a lot of things in real life, and if you have to find a shortcut, the stupidest way you don’t approve is probably the best shortcut.

Take advantage of young-self to work hard, don’t leave regret for yourself.