There is nothing easier than giving up

There was a question about what is the easiest thing in the world. Some say it’s sleeping, some people said it’s doubt, others say, it’s giving up because it can be anytime, anywhere.

Any excuse can be an excuse to give up. Too busy, too tired, too sleepy, too nervous. Excuses are borderless, all human beings know this. Almost all losers are not failed from mistakes made in the process of moving towards the goal, but by failing not to persist on moving towards the goal.

I remember meeting with an HR friend four years ago, she was already HR for a multinational company. She told me that there is nothing unsatisfactory about the job, the company’s benefits are good, subordinates also working hard, but she wants to change, this kind of meeting every day, is not what she wants.

Not long after, she chose to leave her job to join a startup company, but she also experienced a lot of pressure from higher executives, coupled with the uncertainty of the business of the enterprise itself, she left the job after 10 months.

Walking at the crossroads of just experienced failure, move forward, or choose to go back, many people choose to go back because it is more familiar and also more secure.

But she chose to make a living and continue to join another domestic company. More business trips and night meetings, always sleepy on the plane, 10 o’clock turn on the computer work until the early hours of the morning, the next day again on the plane, meeting, become a daily schedule.

When I saw her again, she lost a lot of weight, but when she talked about the situation of new business, her current situation, the future plan, although her face is still looking tired, but I can clearly feel she is energetic.

Giving up is an easy thing to do, but it is also especially easy to be understood and forgiven. But once we are familiar with this atmosphere, we understand and forgive ourselves for giving up, and whatever we want to do, the emotion itself will be our biggest obstacle.

Why want to give up, because we are more easily lenient than tolerance of others.

A former full-time wife, and then returned to the workplace lady said, “The biggest obstacle going back to work is often come from ourselves”, we always feel that we have a backup plan, even if we face difficulties, we can also go back,” she said. Now she is a professional lecturer.

Every time you give up, it’s a missed possibility for yourself in the future. Give up a moment of euphoria, think that you just missed the stars, but the fact you realized later that you also missed the moon and the sun.

You only live once, every time you want to give up, think of yourself standing in the future. One day, we will thank the one who once gritted his teeth and refused to give up.