There is no turning back in your life, you can only move forward

There is no turning back in your life, there is no way to go back to fix your regret. The only thing we can do is look forward.

People say that life is to experience everything in life, including the bad. But I don’t think so. Some people are destined to be born into a rich family. There is no need for them to go through these processes, and they can even simplify them. And some people are born destined to go through the whole process, of course, not all able to go through all of them. 

The previous generation always wants us to graduate quickly, quickly find a job, quickly start a family, quickly buy a house, buy a car. Always want us not to lose on the starting line. In fact, I would like to say: “Life is not a 100-meter race, early running and jogging will have no impact on us.” Instead, it’s an endless marathon, and it doesn’t matter if you run early or jog. The important thing is that you stick to it. Many people think that if they run long enough, they can use the story of “The Tortoise and the Hare” to compare it with you. Please don’t laugh at our slowest, but we’ll keep running. Never stop… So please don’t rush our lives and give us some space.

I want to ask the elders to give us more time. I hope we can live a little more freely, instead of being placed in a great hope every day, not burdened with the burden of life, the burden of life has made it difficult for us to suffocate, we also want the life you imagined that you don’t have to worry about the trivial things of life, buy our favorite things without hesitating for too long. I can only say that we are too unambitious, these things actually will make us feel very entangled.

Since when I was young, I have heard many parents or relatives tell other people, children, getting into the most famous college, getting scholarships, being the class president, earn their own tuition fees, living expenses. After graduating, got a high salary job … 

We look up to this particularly inspiring person, and they are by our side. I’m envious of what he’s done with his efforts, at least I think the results he had has been good. But more is there is a little bit of behind the little-known sad things are what we do not know, maybe he was worrying for a project, or because failed at investment cooperation … When a person starts to do something, he will continue to do it, and when he reaches a certain height, he will re-establish a higher task to accomplish. In short, he will live better than he is now.

There is no turning back in your life, you can only move forward
Silhouette of hiking man in mountain


My friends around me told me that I shouldn’t compare myself to a successful person in the first place, I have to compare with the people around me so that I won’t have a great sense of fall, and I still can find my own advantage. In fact, I am not purposely want to compare myself with a successful person, just that in such an environment, inevitably there will be a lot of pressure. People are at a high starting point in the beginning, on the contrary, I have to take ten times, even take out all my strength to struggle. But in the end, you run all the way to stop, run forward, never stop, just to not be so disappointed. You have to be glad that there are such examples around you so that you think of working hard. Believe in the future every day.

Holding the vision of the future, believe that the future will be better than now, this is what we think: There is no turning back in life, time won’t stop for you just because you stay at that moment forever, you should always look forward.