There is no easy in adult life

Just hold on, the darkness will fade, and the light will shine on you.

I can’t work for this company anymore, every day here is suffering, I want to leave, whether it is work or in life.

The manager has really high expectation from me, and I’m just a newborn calf, how can I accomplish such a heavy task, perhaps I really don’t fit in this job.


This is the message my friend sent to me. After reading this, my heart is full of mixed emotions, and I replied:

Your manager will not give way to you just because you are a fresh graduate, nor help you because you are new, all he wants is performance and results.

It is very realistic and helpless, but you still have to face the strange and bizarre society, catch the baggage that life throws at you.

You thought you’re in a big company, you get a good job, you get closer to everything you want, but you find yourself getting closer to the company’s simmering battles and endless overtime.

You thought you got rid of your identity as a student; you can soar in the free society, but found that you had entered the famous “society” big dyeing tank, washed away your naïve, but contracted the sophisticated.

And then do you choose to give it up directly? It’s easy to give up, but it must be great to stick to it.

I read an inspiring story:

There was a girl; she failed her postgraduate, followed by six months of unemployment; the cash combined left only 37 dollars, can’t even survive for a month.

Went for an interview for design, carefully prepared the work, and also prepared a large number of collection of company’s works and understanding of the company’s background. Went for the interview with delicate makeup, wore the most expensive clothes, full of anticipation to interview but came back with a sad return.

On the way back, her college roommate called her said she is getting married next month, told her to remember to prepare customary.

Her heart twisted into a regiment, but she still has to act happy and congrats on her roommate.


Sometimes life gives people such a miserable, stopping people from moving on, and even make people want to give up.

After a while, the girl found a coveted job; her probation salary is higher than she expected.

Life will always become darker at a certain moment, make us think that all the lights have long gone, thinking that life has no hope.

But, in fact, the light is always there, you just have to wait for the switch to be turned on, and the light will keep pouring in.

So don’t give up, keep moving, you will see the light.


Your life will not be wasted, every step you took counts, every inch of land you step on, every moment you grit, will become your years of indestructible strength.

We have to believe that the efforts we have made, the suffering we had, every step we have taken will come in handy at some point in the future, and will become the most dazzling medal in your future years.

If every time you encounter difficulties, and you choose to quit, gradually you get used to this “free and easy”, you will find that you really don’t know where to go.

I don’t think the world will push you to a dead end; there is always a reason for you to insist.

In fact, those who look beautiful on the surface, behind the beauty are full of blood, sweat, and tear.

In “This Is Us” tv series, there is a saying that I like:

Take the sourest lemon that life has to offer and turn it into something resembling lemonade.

Life is like a roller coaster, sometimes peaks and troughs, which means that no matter what is good or bad in front of you, it is only temporary.

So don’t give up, okay?

Try to do your best to hold on, I believe, the moment you meet the light, you will become what you expected.

There is only one kind of heroism in the world, that is, after recognizing the truth of life, still love life.

So I hope you can also be the hero, continue to love life, keep moving forward, do not abandon, do not give up, the darkness will disappear, the difficulty will pass.