The spark of dream hit the ceiling of reality

In fact, some things as I get older, I also understand that the changes that I can make every time is extremely limited, it cannot immediately improve my life. But what can I do? I’m desperate too! Sometimes desperate to find out as if I have immune to this, even if I encounter bad things worse than the previous one, it doesn’t feel as bad as I imagine and even calmly solve the problem.

I have seen the saying that the key to distinguishing fools from wise men is to see how much time they spend doing what they think is right. The fundamental difference between the two is, what is the result when I did it? Is it good or bad? Is the effect deep or shallow? If it’s all positive, then what’s done is the right thing to do, if not, it’s doing what you think is right, that’s a fool. 

This logic, although stupid, it is the law of the real world, no matter how many times it repeats, the result is much the same. Unfortunately, I understand this a little too late, there is no if in life.

For example: when you are in the low point of life and confused, no matter how much or how inspirational the articles are, or other superstitions can’t help, will only drain your energy, so that things become more difficult. Because what you really need is a solution that can be implemented in concrete terms, not a bunch of placebos and milky cups. The most important thing is to change “I think” or “I want” this blind pursuit way of thinking, replace with “I am willing to”.

A lot of times as long as you just calm down and think, the answer has always been there, just that the price to reach the answer is too high so you will always subconsciously escape. If the wish can also be paid in installments, then the extra time and energy will be a very amazing number.

Everyone has their own dark moments, some people can come out quickly, that is very few lucky people, but most people will take years, ten years to come out, even can’t come out for a lifetime, that is the portrayal of most of us.

A lot of things make you feel desperate, difficult to solve, just because the current difficulties are too strong and you are too weak. Because not able to see the success, the confidence is reduced, because of frustration and produce helpless sorrow, helplessness and sorrow accumulation of more resulting in despair, and ultimately because of despair, psychological collapse, and destruction.


This is the “reality” that many people have. If the person wants to escape it, it will turn it into another reality that appears before you, from someone else’s reality to your reality.

Many people say: the adult world is like a black forest, only those that carefully hide the real self can live better. But I saw so many people who are good at human nature, although they good at everything, put in many efforts, but in the end, still not good enough.

So if you try to hide, suppress yourself, life trouble will not be deducted. On the contrary, as long as we learn hard and breakthrough ourselves, let the mind day by day clear, live to understand, even if the trouble is here, we have enough confidence to face it.