The small things in life will determine your fate

No matter how slack a person is, in their lifetime, they will do countless plans, yearn to be more disciplined, more perfect.

The reality, however, is brutal, and most of the people’s plans start and stop over and over again.

Looking back, you can’t even remember when or why the plan was abandoned.

In fact, it’s all because you’ve turned on your own “Broken windows theory”.

The so-called Broken windows theory refers to a thing, once there is a crack, people will intentionally or unintentionally let it become worse.

The windows of a house were broken and no one was repairing them, and soon the other windows of the house would be broken too;

When there is garbage in a clean place, people will not hesitate to continue to dispose there.

Once a plan is aborted, it is most likely that there will be a second and third time until it is completely abandoned.

But as a regular psychological phenomenon, as long as we have enough understanding of it, we can fight it, it will be turned into positive energy in our lives.



Find the smallest broken window.

In the 1980s, New York’s subway policies were bad, cabins were dirty, and crime rates were on the rise.

When Bratton became New York’s police commissioner, he made a startling move, instead of fighting crime, he cleaned up the environment.

Bratton started by cleaning up subway cabins, cleaning up the environment throughout the subway, handcuffing those who evade fare and lining them up on the platform.

His theory is that people are less likely to commit crimes in clean situations and that fare evaders tend to carry weapons.

His measures had an unexpected effect, and in doing so, New York’s political environment had greatly reduced criminal offenses and broken the vicious circle of criminal links.

Small to a failed plan, large to the confusion of the whole life, the reason for this, is from the original “that broken window”, as long as you can find the source of the broken window, you can uproot the problem.

Don’t give yourself a chance to “break the window”

One of my friends, she has a dream to study abroad in Korean. On every reunion, she will always be there, but this year, she didn’t attend. Out of curiosity, I asked her, she said she needs to go back home to study. At first, we thought that she was just giving an excuse, but turns out, she was not lying.

She learned Korean for two or three hours a day, and she has been sticking to this habit for four years.

And the reason to persist, her strategy is, not giving herself any opportunity to be lazy.

Not only did she push out unnecessary reunions, but she also uninstalled games that she always plays on her phone.

She is well aware of the dangers of “broken windows”, as long as she gives herself an excuse, then countless excuses and lax will come.

The most effective way to stick to one thing is not to give yourself a chance to slack off, don’t let yourself have the idea of giving up the first time, because once you give up the first time, the second give up will become very easy.

The waste of a person starts from the small thing we indulge.

Before you go to bed at night, you pick up your phone and say to yourself, I will just play for a few minutes, but it turns out to be a few hours.

When you indulge yourself, there will be countless times after that, began to break the can.


When facing difficult dilemmas, you might as well do something trivial.

The broken window theory tells us that all the present dilemmas do not come overnight, but are caused by the chain reaction caused by the original broken window.

But if you face a difficult situation, but can’t find that broken window, and don’t know where to start to improve, what can you do?

Joshua Becker, a well-known American minimalist writer, gave us an answer.

Joshua Becker ran 150 shops at the age of 28, with a seven-figure salary, lived in a mansion, drove a car and lived a life of high wealth that everyone admired.

But his life was in poor condition.

He had to take his medication to sleep every day because he had been staying up for a long time, and when his mother died, he had no time to take care of his family, and his wife filed a divorce with him.

His life looked bright, but inner was began to be corrupt.

He wanted to change his situation, but he didn’t know how to do it.

In this confusion, he wants to change his mood by tidying up the room.

Clothes that have not been worn, useless utensils…

After sorting it out, he threw away 90% of his belongings.

In the process of cleaning up the room, he found that he had removed not only items but also his inner desires and that his “magnetic field” had begun to become minimalist.

Later, he finally made up his mind to quit his job and had a lot of time to do what he wanted to do, “When I was a kid, my dream was to be a writer, and now I’ve finally picked up that pen.”

Two years later, Joshua became a best-selling author and co-founded the minimalist slot with friends ———— the minimalists.

When facing life’s plight, if you can’t face or solve it, you may want to put aside first, do something trivial.

The key to unlocking a major dilemma may be hidden in the details of life.

What defeat you in life, often not those major setbacks, but some small things, one indulgence, one gives up, once lower your requirements …

Making something that was originally good go bad is often a chain reaction triggered by a seemingly small act.

Understand this truth, we can use this “dark force” to bring ourselves dawn.

When life is a wide expanse of flat land, do not give yourself the chance to give up, when life is in the trough, go to find the original broken window, and rebuild your life.